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Is It Time For A GI Bill Overhaul?

Tweet Following the second world war, congressional legislation ensured that returning military veterans received the funds that they needed to pay for higher education. What eventually became known as the

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Private Student Loans Expand Your Options

Tweet We’ve been following some wonderful trends lately when it comes to paying for college including the decision that some schools have made to do away with student loans. Specifically,

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Columbia Prof In Plagiarism Scandal

Tweet Columbia University has sanctioned a psychology/education professor for plagiarism in a scandal that was aired last week on CNN. The professor, Madonna Constantine, was not dismissed although the university

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Fidel Is Out, The Longhorns Are In

Tweet Cuban dictator Fidel Castro is no longer in office having recently stepped down after nearly 50 years as president. The news has been hailed by many as the first

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$30 Billion Donated to US Colleges In 2007

Tweet Talk about achieving fund-raising success: donations to U.S. colleges and universities rose sharply in 2007 to a record $29.75 billion, an increase of 6.3% over 2006 giving. The year-to-year

Career Planning

Advance Your Career SPOTLIGHT

Tweet Career Certificates Advancing your career may require further education in management, project development and other executive management skills. What type of career development would you need to stay on

Fun News NCAA Basketball

An Introduction to Bracketology 101

Tweet Some college courses are so boring, that enduring them takes a lot of fortitude (and coffee) to handle the challenge. Unless the course is an elective, you’re stuck for

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An Easy $300 For College Students

Tweet Sometime after this May, millions of Americans will find a check in their mailboxes courtesy of the federal government. Issued by the U.S. Treasury, these checks are part of

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Conserving Energy With E85 Fuel

Tweet If you are in the market for a new or used car, then you might be interested in exploring your options beyond those vehicles that run on gasoline. With

FAFSA Form Tips Finance

What Comes After Your FAFSA Form Submission

Tweet The FAFSA form is a U.S. Department of Education form that the student (and parents of dependent students) must file in order to qualify for federal student aid. It

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Slick Essays Are Too Good To Be True

Tweet College admissions officers are seeing a rising trend in one important part of the college application process. Along with the application itself, prospective students are required to submit an

College Budgeting

Underlying Costs Drive Up College Expenses

Tweet At face value, students can expect to pay a certain amount of money each year while attending college. Tuition, room, books and related expenses are costs which are readily