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Career Building SPOTLIGHT

Tweet IT – Computer Degrees … building up your career opportunities IT rules in almost every business. Equipped with the right skills, you can move up the management scale …

Collegiate Sports

Academic Progress Rate Reports Are In

Tweet Founded in 1910, the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) has long worked with colleges and universities to ensure that student-athletes and their participating athletic programs meet association guidelines, with

Campus News

MCC Seeks To Boot Nader Founded Group

Tweet If you forgot that Ralph Nader is running for president this year (again) you wouldn’t be alone. His forgettable campaign is being overshadowed by the Hillary-Obama battle which is

Fun News

Dorm Room Stays Offer A Cheap Hotel Alternative

Tweet Traveling is getting expensive thanks to rising fuel and food costs, forcing many travelers to reconsider their plans and look for cheaper options as they hit the road. One

Personal Advice

Campus Crime: Staying Safe While Attending College

Tweet The college campus may seem to be one of the safest places around, but evidence suggests otherwise. Students have been accosted, raped, robbed, even killed in and around their

Career Planning

Advancing Your Career SPOTLIGHT

Tweet Manage Your Money … use pre-paid as your money card Students can avoid debt problems while in school by using pre-paid cards to manage student funds: budget your monthly spending

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Summer College For High School Students

Tweet High school students who are a year or two away from attending college can start taking classes now at some colleges and universities. Rising juniors and seniors may find

Personal Advice

4 Reasons To Stay On Campus This Summer

Tweet College classes for this academic year are coming to an end, meaning that many students will be fleeing campus in pursuit of summer jobs, volunteer activities, or leisurely pursuits

Collegiate Sports

NCAA Establishes LAX Tournament Field

Tweet When it comes to college sports, lacrosse probably doesn’t get the attention that it deserves. Football, basketball and even ice hockey, baseball, and soccer are considered more newsworthy, but

Campus News Personal Advice

Plus 50 Initiative Reaches Out To Graying Students

Tweet Turning gray needn’t mean the end of learning. Thanks to an initiative developed for 15 colleges, baby boomers are being targeted as prospective students. Seed grants from the American

Campus News

University Launches Online Two-Year College

Tweet Reaching out to new students is a practice universities have mastered, but Tiffin University is doing something no other school has tried: create an online college to woo students