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Career Planning

Career Building SPOTLIGHT

Tweet I need to get my MBA … but I don’t want to disrupt my career? You have a good career working for you now, but it would help if

Campus Cars

Campus Car Rentals — An Alternative To Ownership?

Tweet Here on SayCampusLife, we’ve been sharing through our Campus Cars category, various vehicles we think might be of interest to college students. Mostly vehicles that have a few things

Campus News

A Growing Trend: No More College Entrance Exams

Tweet High school juniors and seniors who have dreaded taking college entrance exams are learning that an increasing number of schools are no longer requiring them as part of the

Finance Fun News Scholarships

Fun & Wacky College Scholarships You Never Knew About

Tweet If you’re planning on attending college this fall or are still a year away from making the transition from high school to university, you may be wondering how you

Campus Cars

Special College Grad Auto Rebates Await Informed Buyers

Tweet If you’ve recently graduated from college, congratulations to you! All of your hard work and studying has paid off and you are standing at an important crossroad in your

Campus News

Is There A Serial Killer Stalking College Men?

Tweet Possible connections in the “accidental drowning” deaths of more than 40 college-aged men over the past several years has some thinking that serial killers are at work. Smiley Face

Career Planning

Career Building SPOTLIGHT

Tweet Career Decision … Education Planning Tools What tools are there to help manage your career and education plans?  planning tools complete set of tools for making education and career

College Budgeting Personal Advice

Debit Cards And Your College: A Wrong Relationship?

Tweet Cash strapped colleges frequently look for support from the business community in exchange for free advertising or consumer access opportunities.


A Tax On College Endowments Just Might Fly

Tweet If you’re like many Americans who are decidedly against the raising of taxes haphazardly, one Massachusetts proposal may have your head nodding in agreement that one proposal could be

Campus News

Millions Mismanaged At Chicago State?

Tweet Money scandals are nothing new, but when the scandal involves a university president who spends school money on lavish parties and cruises, then people not only take notice, but

Commentary Student Loans

Politicians Squabble Over New G.I. Bill

Tweet A new GI bill is in the works, but just how it’ll look when its finally approved remains to be seen. Currently, Democrats and Republicans are debating what sort

Campus News

NC Stops Illegal Alien Community College Admittance

Tweet North Carolina residents have been in an uproar ever since its then state counsel, David Sullivan, issued an edict stipulating that all 58 of the state’s community colleges allow