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College Students Excel In NASA Aircraft Design Competition

Tweet The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) recently invited 61 students from 14 colleges and universities from around the globe to participate in a design competition to create what

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Consumer Group Alleges FSU Improprieties

Tweet The relationship between a college and its student population is one that is built on mutual trust with students promising to follow clear lines of academic propriety while the

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Survey Reveals 157 Student Deaths From Drinking

Tweet Drinking alcohol and attending college go hand in hand. At least that is the opinion of some students who equate “having a good time” with getting drunk. College administrators,

Personal Advice

Go South, Recent Grad!

Tweet Forbes magazine runs an annual report called, Best Cities For College Grads, where they track current job opportunities for recent college graduates. This year’s report is in and graduates

Finance Student Loans

6 Steps To Securing College Aid

Tweet For most students, the first day of college classes is still more than one month away, but one area of preparation must be started now and that step involves

Campus Cars

Kia Rio: Thrifty Fun on the Cheap!

Tweet For a number of years I shied away from recommending cars built in South Korea, recognizing that the low quality of these vehicles wasn’t worth the cheaper price for

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Notre Dame, NBC Extend TV Pact

Tweet The 2007 season was one for the record books for the Notre Dame Fighting Irish. Last year, Norte Dame lost a school record nine games while also seeing its


Recapping SayCampuslife — The Best of the First Half!

Tweet With 2008 halfway over, SayCampusLife has published over 200 articles since we launched this site in December 2007. Your interest in what we have to share with you as

Study Tips

Citations Done Right

Tweet Today’s college students have it easy. Let me rephrase that: the internet has made some of the work that students must do a whole lot easier to accomplish. Case


College Scholarships Provide A Path To Higher Education For Many

Tweet With Stafford loans being more difficult to get and private student loan debt another concern, students who wish to pursue their higher education studies oftentimes feel that their choices

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Heritage College Is Now Kaplan College

Tweet Changing a college’s name is fraught with risk and I’m not talking about making the transition from college to university either. A complete name change can confuse students, undermine