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Finance Scholarships

College Scholarships For Every Type Of Student

Tweet When arranging funding for college, you or your parents are probably tapping your savings, 529 college fund, considering private student loans and/or Stafford loans, and you may be looking

Student Loans

Student Loans, Then Loan Forgiveness

Tweet If you are planning to take out one or more student loans to pay for your college education, you may find the thought of carrying thousands of dollars of

Student Loans

What You Should Know About Private Student Loans

Tweet College students who need help funding their education will often turn to student loans as an important way to meet their financial needs. Federal Stafford loans have helped millions

Student Loans

Should You Co-Sign For A Private Student Loan?

Tweet Your adult offspring is getting ready to attend college this fall and you’re confident that she will succeed. After all, good grades, excellent study habits, and valuable extra-curricular work

College Budgeting

Can You Save Big By Renting College Textbooks?

Tweet Last April, SayCampusLife ran an article titled, “Kiss Your College Bookstore Good-Bye” where we shared some options students have besides buying their books at the college bookstore. After all,

Campus News

Graduating Ceremonies, Online Student Style

Tweet Have you ever wondered how students who take online classes celebrate their graduation from college or university? If you’re thinking that everyone logs on to a website at a

Campus News

Project Working Mom Offers Full Scholarships

Tweet Mothers who work outside the home and still need to take college classes often find that balancing work, family, and educational pursuits is an impossible task. But, thanks to


Lower Interest Rates Make Student Loans More Affordable

Tweet When it comes to paying for higher education, many students are finding that they are coming up short when they take a look at their tuition bill. The price

Campus News Finance

GI Bill Overhaul A Boon To Returning Veterans

Tweet American military personnel who have been fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan are getting a heap of thanks from this country due to an important overhaul of the GI Bill

Education Tips

Shop Smart To Save On School Supplies

Tweet With colleges getting back in session during the months of August and September, your summer respite is about to come to an end. Soon, you’ll be buckling down and

Collegiate Sports NCAA Basketball

A New Trend For BB Players: Skip College?

Tweet Not very often a basketball player comes along who is in his senior year of high school and is demonstrating that he has what it takes to play on

Campus Cars

Thieves May Want Your Campus Car!

Tweet We all know that car theft remains a persistent problem, an issue that overwhelms some police departments particularly in urban areas. For college students who must rely on personal