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There are two words in our language that are simply never spoken of enough and those words are thank you. Together, they show people that you appreciate something that they did for you, a personal gesture that can go a long way to demonstrating your thoughtfulness.

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College students who are the recipient of one or more scholarships have much to be thankful for too. Billions of dollars of money is awarded annually, but not every applicant is accepted. Your hard work and attention to detail has paid off, but their support of you should be recognized by you.

To that end, sending a thank you letter can serve to express your appreciation while underscoring your professionalism. Not just any thank you letter will do – don’t even think of sending an email message – rather, typing up a well thought out letter and sending it out on resume quality bond paper with a matching envelope is the best approach. Besides, when it comes to applying for work in a few years, you’ll be sending out plenty of hard copy resumes in addition to electronic copies, so now is the time to polish your writing and typing skills.

What To Say In Your Thank You Note

You don’t need to be particularly formal in your thank you letter, but you should remember the following:

Name, address, and title of person who sent the scholarship award to you. Likely, one person has been the point person for the scholarship donation all along and it is to that person your thank you letter should be addressed. Carefully confirm the spelling of this person’s name, his/her title, and the mailing address.

Keep it simple. In you letter, you’ll want to thank the donor for their award, specifically referencing it by name. This means that if you have been awarded the John Doe Memorial Engineering College Scholarship that you mention that in your letter. Some donors award a variety of scholarships during any academic cycle, so make sure that you identify which one you received. You could mention how the scholarship will present an opportunity for you to learn, your education will help you meet your dreams, and that you’ll use your degree to contribute to society, or something to that effect.

Sign it and mail it. Two or three brief paragraphs should do, then sign your letter and send it off via regular mail as soon as possible. Do not be surprised if your letter is acknowledged by the donor in some way including being republished in the company newsletter or excerpts included with testimonials published on their website.

Finally, if there is more than one name mentioned with the scholarship, you’ll want to send individual thank you letters to these people too.

Sending a thank you letter is a small token of the wonderful financing support you are receiving from thoughtful donors. Show your appreciation by sending off your letter as soon as a reward has been made known, a task that can be easy to forget as you busy yourself preparing to finish high school and leave for college.

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