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No wonder some students avoid the college cafeteria....

No wonder some students avoid the college cafeteria....

I never had the “pleasure” of living in a dorm room while attending college, choosing to commute the short distance from home to my school. Besides, my mother’s cooking was a lot better than what they were serving at the college canteen since those were the days before alfalfa sprouts, mystery greens, and hummus were part of the food bar of yore.

I did hear some fantastic stories about what students ate in their dorm rooms when they were either too lazy to hit the canteen or didn’t want to schlep through eight inches of freshly fallen snow to get something to eat. Stuff like noodles, peanut butter, and oatmeal plus some awful combinations of chocolate, vegetable, and bread.

I’m betting that today’s college students still eat some “interesting meals” in their dorm room and to that end can name what I believe are items that are popular based on what I’ve heard and read:

Ramen noodles — Certainly salty, but certainly very cheap Ramen noodles are the foundation of many college student’s diets, particularly the instant variety. Add some meat (if you can afford it) and you have a tasty meal, one that is better than what is served on campus. Check out Ramen recipes for ideas on how to prepare your Ramen based meal.

Tuna — Served with Ramen noodles and you have the “perfect” meal, but tuna ‘n crackers, tuna sandwiches, and tuna salad are some of the best uses for this seaworthy favorite. Plus, you can still find a can of Albacore for under $1!

Macaroni and Cheese — Mac ‘n Cheese has comforted college students for generations now, a cheap and easy to make meal that keep on giving.  Kraft makes the best version, but as every student will tell you buying mac ‘n cheese by the case and going with an edible store brand is the best way to save some cash. Tired of noodles? Rice will do! Check out the recipes for macaroni and cheese!

Popcorn — Eat a bag of popcorn and you’re still hungry. Yet, what better snack food is there when cramming for exams? Goes great with sugary grape juice (or beer) and can be finished off with a nice bag of Oreo cookies. Can you say, “well balanced meal?”

Spam — I know some people like Spam, the meaty kind, and like to grill the stuff for their sandwiches. To each his own. Still, when you want steak and can only afford mystery meat, why not choose Spam which has, um, most of the ingredients you crave? A close second would be chicken filler hot dogs followed by the hamburger with an amazingly high grease quotient. Find your favorite spam recipes online!

Microwaveable Anything — If it can be heated up in a microwave, then that is a meal fit for a king. Or at least for a college student. Burritos, T.V. dinners, pizza, or anything else that can be heated or reheated in a microwave is a crowd pleaser.

Goldfish — Admit it. Those little fish shaped crackers you liked when you were a tot are still your favorite today. Best of all, they come in a number of different flavors including Parmesan Cheese, Pretzel, Whole Grain, and others. Though still made by Pepperidge Farms, you can find specially marked boxes at your grocery store.

Oatmeal — While you might not go for a box of oatmeal featuring the old-fashioned man, you’ll probably go for the store bought variety especially if you can cook it in your microwave. Add butter or syrup or sugar or anything else and you have a gooey meal perfect for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, snack, etc. Oatmeal bars and other granola type foods are also popular.

Cereal — If want it cold or are too lazy to heat it up, a box of Captain Crunch should be part of any student’s food pantry. Cocoa Puffs, Froot Loops, or any other sugary delight will get you going too.

Before you ridicule me for posting the unhealthy culinary delights of today’s college students, take a deep breath. How many times have you eaten an unbalanced meal over the past month yourself? Hmmm? Happy eating!


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