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Ultrasound Technician Career Training Choices

Tweet Students bound for college sometimes find themselves at a loss for what they want to do when they arrive on campus. Some discover that the medical professions are right

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Mental Illness and the College Student

Tweet Raising Campus Mental Health Awareness We may live in the twenty-first century, but our understanding and social acceptance of mental health issues is wanting. For too long people have

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Should Pets Be Allowed On Campus?

Tweet College can be stressful and lonely for the student who first sets foot on campus. Feelings of homesickness, isolation even depression can set in as students seek to get

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Lansing Community College Offers Money Back Guarantee

Tweet Michigan college’s novel job training approach Wouldn’t it be nice if all colleges and universities refunded your tuition if you couldn’t find a job after completing your studies? That’s

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Is Your College A Pressure Cooker?

Tweet Whoever said that college offers students a restful four year interlude between high school and the working world? Certainly, some students skate through college by meeting the minimum requirements,

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No Shame In Indy For Butler

Tweet There is no shame on the campus of Butler University today. Just hours removed from a closely fought defeat at the hands of the Duke Blue Devils, the Butler

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Census Count Targets College Students

Tweet If you’re living at college, the United States Census Bureau has a form they want you to fill out. Specifically, that form is the decennial census, something your parents

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8 Schools of Veterinary Medicine in America

Tweet Did you know that the doctor who keeps tabs on your pet’s or livestock’s health graduated from a rigorous veterinary academic program? We can make that statement because there

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An Indy State of Mind This Weekend

Tweet Where to stay, what to visit while in Indy. If you’re a fan of the Michigan State Spartans, West Virginia Mountaineers or the Duke Blue Devils and are headed

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Should You Work While In School?

Tweet Students who don’t have to work while enrolled in college are in an enviable position as they can concentrate on their academic pursuits without distraction. In this economy not