Space-Saving Ideas for Student Accommodation


By Helen Pearson

Going from the constant supervision of Mom and Dad into the unchartered territory of college can be an exciting adventure. Students headed away for the first time, however, should plan carefully to make the transition from the larger space of an entire house to the smaller areas allotted for student accommodation as painless as possible.

Colleges save money by providing each student with as little space as possible to accommodate their basic needs. However, despite the limited space provided, ingenious students are able to live comfortably in these areas by coming up with creative solutions.

The following ideas can help to fit the necessities of college living into a space not much bigger than one of the closets back home:

• Forget the table and chairs. Purchase bar stools and eat at the kitchen counter. Bar stools can be stacked to save space when not in use.

• Use baskets judiciously. Baskets can hold shoes behind the front door, cosmetics under the sink, laundry products on top of the hot water heater, and anything else that needs some organization, from books to keys.

• Large plastic bag are friends. Once packed with extra linens, towels, winter clothing, or school supplies, these are flexible enough to be mashed into any extra space and will protect the contents from dampness or insects.

• Buy hollow furniture. Using trunks for an end table or night stand, for example, can add to the storage capacity of any room without taking away from the décor. It may be necessary to remove a lamp to get to the contents within, but the extra room is well worth this minor inconvenience.

• Do not forget the convenience of hooks. Hooks can be used behind doors and in closets to hold everything from backpacks and purses, to umbrellas, jewelry, and coats.

• Think stackable. Dishes and bowls should nestle inside each other. Yaffa blocks can be stacked in corners for added holding power. It is even possible to find comfortable stackable chairs that are quite comfortable and allow an area to be cleared when necessary.

• Use a bulletin board and place magnets on the refrigerator to hold important documents and keep the desk top clear for studying.

• Shoe bags are great for organizing shoes, but they also work well for other small items. Hang them over doors and fill in the pockets with office supplies, snacks, batteries, or any other frequently used resources.

• Shelves are wonderful for keeping the floor space free. Take care about the weight placed on them though, because they can be dangerous if overloaded.

Imagination is the key to fitting as much as possible into a small area like a dorm room or student apartment. Visiting a local organization store may spark less expensive ideas that serve to expand the space available. The best advice for college students, however, is to take only those articles from home that are necessary for survival. This type of minimalism will pay off in the long run by giving more freedom of movement and control over clutter.

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This is a guest post from Helen Pearson, who likes to find creative ways to control her clutter. You can view some inexpensive bar stools and counter stools, that are great for student accommodation, at


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