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NCAA Weighs Banning Select Early Offers

Tweet High school freshmen could become off-limits. For most high school freshmen, college is one of the farthest things from their minds. But for a select group of rising athletic

Education Tips

Navigating the Path From Homeschool to College

Tweet Millions of students are or have been homeschooled, the product of a movement that has been around for decades, but has gained strength in recent years. Dissatisfied with their

Campus Cars

Ford Makes Texting While Driving Safe

Tweet Of all of the bad driving habits we’ve seen over the years, e.g. applying make-up while cruising down the interstate, reading the newspaper or eating a sandwich while tooling


5 Ways to Reduce the Cost of College

Tweet Getting a grip on college costs. It would be silly for me to even suggest the obvious: college costs are spiraling out of control. That sort of statement has

Campus News

Low Income Students Ditching College

Tweet Not enough money to pursue a higher education. College is supposed to be the great equalizer. At least that what is what academic experts would have us believe when

Personal Advice

Seven Quality Furnishings for the Frugal Student

Tweet By Caroline Smith It can be hard for college students on a budget to maintain their own identity while living in a rented space. Turning that boring, drab furniture

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College Sports Quick Takes

Tweet Hot times on and off campus. We’re in the middle of what is turning out to be an extraordinarily hot summer and the farthest thing from the average student’s

Fun News

7 Tips For Getting Used Furniture Cheap

Tweet Unless you are heading back to the dorm this fall, you’ll be looking for an apartment instead. Perhaps alone, most likely with a roommate, and in a place large

Campus News

Dana College Announces Pending Closure

Tweet 126-year-old institution prepares to close. Tough financial times have been taking its toll on students and their parents, but a number of colleges and universities are feeling the heat

Collegiate Sports

South Carolina Gamecocks Win College World Series

Tweet First ever baseball championship for Carolina. The University of South Carolina is on top of the baseball world, college ball that is, thanks to its eleventh-inning 2-1 win on