7 Things a Wise College Driver Knows

7 Things a Wise College Driver Knows
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    Yes, your parents have drilled this into your head since you got behind the wheel, but have you learned it or are you still stuck in the “I know it all" stage.

    As young adults you have a lot more experience than you did when you were in high school and I'm sure you may have experienced a few close calls.


By Amy J. Silver

Let’s look at the top 7 things you should have learned and executed by now.

7. Driving is a Privilege

If a person violates the law, the state won’t hesitate to revoke the license at the drop of a hat. This even includes so called “minor” things such as having a DUI or an accident without having adequate auto insurance. Too many teens think that they are just going to drive without any sort of penalties, no matter what they do. The worst time to find out that this is a false assumption is when they receive a court-mandated license suspension that lasts until they’re 21 (or even longer).

6. Insurance is Expensive

Statistically, the younger you are, the higher risk of getting into accidents, so insurance is more expensive than that of more experienced drivers.  Also, many insurance companies don’t even want to deal with drivers under a certain age to avoid such hassles. This lack of supply also drives up the price that you end up paying. If you are a bad driver your rates will stay high even as you grow older. You should know how to shop, compare, and pay for your insurance on time.

5. Buckle Everyone’s Seat Belt

Everyone in the car needs to buckle up every single time. The punishment for getting into an accident and not wearing your seat belt is a much higher likelihood of death. The punishment for allowing a friend to ride without a seat belt buckled may very well be losing that friend and dealing with the guilt of such a loss.

4. Concentrate on the Road

It’s very easy to get distracted behind the wheel. Cell phone, radio, food, makeup, friends, animals, … we can go on for days. It is during these few distracted seconds when accidents happen. It’s extremely important to focus on driving safely and following the relevant laws, as opposed to whatever else feels important at the time. Get into the habit of asking yourself, “Can I wait until the next stop light to ____”.

3. Avoid Combining Booze with Driving

Some people start to drink alcohol in their teens and continue to do so. True? Yes, we all know that drinking reduces the ability to drive effectively and react well, but the wise one’s heed this warning by focusing on survival. What’s the point of learning to have fun and making friends if you plan on killing yourself by driving drunk?

2. Stay Within the Speed Limit

Most people see the speed limit as the absolute minimum speed to be driven. However, going above the speed limit at all (especially on curves and during slick conditions) can make it much more difficult to avoid potential hazards through swerving or stopping.

1. Drive Defensively

This means that avoiding an accident is the surest way to protect oneself from the damage it tends to inflict. Leave ample space between your car and the car ahead of you. Keep an eye out for a place to steer toward if something unexpected should happen. Sooner or later, things like that always do occur. If it is inevitable to crash, hit the object that is most likely to move. You don’t want to hit a concrete wall or a large tree, you will suffer full impact.

Oh, so you already knew this? Then why are you still doing it? Still texting while driving? Still doing your mascara on the go? Still speeding? It’s better to get an angry honk because you are going too slow than to end up paying tickets, landing int he hospital, or six feet under. But then again, you already know all of that.


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