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Campus Safety

6 College Safety Tips For Both New and Returning Students

College can be exciting and fun for both new and returning students. And the exciting part is getting to know your new classmates.

Campus Safety

Personal Safety Tips: How to Stay Safe in 3 Common College Scenarios

I know your new found independence since you moved from home is amazing. You are no longer living by your parents’ rules.

College Living

7 Key Safety Tips Every College Student Should Be Aware Of

Tweet While these precautions are great, it is also very important that college students make campus safety their personal responsibility. Here are some things they can do to improve their

Personal Advice

How to Avoid the Scourge of Identity Theft

Identity theft only happens to people with jobs and never to impoverished college students, right? Think again.

Campus Cars

7 Things a Wise College Driver Knows

Tweet By Amy J. Silver Let’s look at the top 7 things you should have learned and executed by now. 7. Driving is a Privilege If a person violates the

Campus Cars

Ford Makes Texting While Driving Safe

Tweet Of all of the bad driving habits we’ve seen over the years, e.g. applying make-up while cruising down the interstate, reading the newspaper or eating a sandwich while tooling

Campus Cars

Prepare Young Drivers For Winter’s Fury Now!

Tweet One of the chief concerns for parents of college students is how their offspring is functioning while at college. Is he eating the right foods? Is she safe walking