What Kind of Therapist Do You Want to Be?

What Kind of Therapist Do You Want to Be?
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    The main goal of a therapist is to help people develop the skills they need to be as self sufficient as possible.

    Therapists may work with people who were born with a disability or they may work with those who have been injured and lost some of their normal functions.


By Jessica Bosari

The role of a therapist is to diagnose the obstacle that their patients face and help their patients find ways to work around that obstacle so that they can enjoy the best possible quality of life. Therapists may work with patients of all ages who suffer from many different kinds of physical or mental problems.

Different Types of Therapy

Therapy work includes several different types of therapist roles. You could work with athletes as a trainer, or you could work to help injured patients recover some of their lost range of motion. Music therapists use musical instruments or singing to help their patients learn new skills. An audiologist works primarily with people who have lost their hearing. Speech-language pathologists help people learn to communicate more effectively. A massage therapist manipulates the muscles to provide relief from painful conditions. An occupational therapist helps people become active members of the work force.

Various Work Environments

Since there are so many different types of therapist jobs, there are also many different types of work environments to choose from. Many therapists work in clinical or hospital settings with patients who are currently undergoing some form of medical treatment. Other therapists visit various job sites to work with their clients. You may see clients in your own private office, or you may visit clients at their homes. The type of therapy you perform will play a large part in the type of environment you work in on a daily basis. Some therapists spend their days working with clients outdoors, while others work with patients in swimming pools or in large rooms with specialized equipment. Think about where you would feel the most comfortable working every day before you choose which kind of therapist you want to be.

Education Requirements

Most therapists are required to achieve a bachelor’s degree before they can begin to work with the general public. In many cases, therapists are hired by larger medical facilities and must be able to produce a degree to prove that they are qualified to work as therapists. Some therapist positions can be attained with a 2-year degree from a community college or vocational school, but further training will be necessary for career advancement. More medically specific therapy positions may require that applicants hold a master’s degree in their chosen line of therapy.

Author Information

Jessica Bosari is a web expert and freelance writer. Therapistschools.com helps aspiring students find the right occupational, vocational or physical therapy schools, or the right education for whichever type of therapy career they decide to pursue.


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