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Improving Health Care Efficiencies

Tweet Beyond offering patient choice, efficient health care offices can save money and bring more revenue into the office by freeing up time. Check out this infographic by the University

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Affordable Dental Care for College Students

The Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) provides health insurance options, but it does not include dental insurance. Trips to the dentist shouldn’t be suspended simply because you are in college, but it is a cost that many students simply cannot afford to bear.

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Career Choice: Audiologist

Tweet These professionals assess and treat patients, fitting them with hearing devices as needed. Some audiologists work as researchers, tasked with helping to lead the fight against hearing disorders including

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How Obamacare Affects Students

Tweet By Tiffany Wallace Although college students often don’t think about health care, they should pay attention to Obamacare, as many of the changes affect them both positively and negatively.

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7 Hot Jobs & Careers for College Grads

Tweet Not everyone wants to relocate to an unfamiliar environment, preferring to stay near family members and friends. Instead of chasing a job, they’re chasing a career path including at


What Kind of Therapist Do You Want to Be?

Tweet By Jessica Bosari The role of a therapist is to diagnose the obstacle that their patients face and help their patients find ways to work around that obstacle so

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Mental Illness and the College Student

Tweet Raising Campus Mental Health Awareness We may live in the twenty-first century, but our understanding and social acceptance of mental health issues is wanting. For too long people have

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Off To College: Are You Insured?

Tweet The following is one in a series of articles for students heading off to college. To help make your transition to school a smooth one, why not download your