What Careers Can be Pursued with a History Degree?

What Careers Can be Pursued with a History Degree?
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    One of the most important factors in learning about history is the understanding of past events, why they happened, and what should and should not be repeated.


Using this knowledge is vital to predicting the outcomes of similar circumstances. Learning history as a subject is also said to aid the understanding of social trends and offer further insight into human behavior.

Skills such as these that are developed are extremely valuable to many career paths, which gives students a variety of options. This piece will discuss the careers that can be pursued with a history degree.

History Professor as a Career

For those who are passionate about history, education, and teaching, a history professor would be an excellent career to pursue.

A standard day for a history professor is the planning of lessons, including interesting historical content, lecturing, and writing and publishing academic articles.

A professor requires both teaching and learning skills simultaneously, while keeping up with research.

History-based roles can be extremely rewarding and obtaining a degree around other responsibilities has been made easier than ever.

Consider an Excelsior College BS in History degree online to begin the path to a dream career.

Historical Consultant as a Career

A historical consultant is a professional that is hired by businesses or organizations for research. Many companies do not have the time, skills, or resources to conduct research related to their field or projects, which is where a historical consultant comes in.

A historical consultant will most likely operate on a freelance basis, traveling frequently to the corporations which need this specialist help. An incredible part of this career path is the sheer diversity of the job. Those who become a historical consultant are not just limited to businesses, but can also take on projects for museums or even in film!

Museum Curator as a Career

Museum curators have a very varied role, handling art and artifacts. History knowledge for this is important to assure everything is handled correctly and displayed properly. Many museums provide information along with the displays and a degree can ensure this information is always factually correct.

Having a history degree as a museum curator will also come in useful for other roles of the position, such as marketing and running educational programs. It is expected that the available positions for this career path will grow, along with the benefits that come with it.

Federal Historian as a Career

An exciting position that a history degree can help you achieve is that of a federal historian. Federal historians essentially research and write history which could be quite the honor. Federal historians use skills to dig deep into history and use the information for academic books and articles.

other valuable tips:

This role can lend itself to interesting employment positions, given the versatility of the role’s nature. Historians that are employed by federally will have the incredible opportunity to travel across many major historical sites all over the US.

Unlike historical societies, which focus on a specific town and its history, a federal historian has a much wider scope when it comes to research. One day a federal historian might be diving deep into a background of a national park, and the next, providing historical research services to politicians.

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