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Collegiate Sports

Does ”Student Athlete” Actually Mean What it Says?

Tweet With the latest hot subject coming from the UCLA football wizard Josh Rosen about the idea that “football and school don’t go together”, everyone now puts some serious thought

Study Tips

Motivational-Based Goals for College Students

Tweet You are well into the semester and one look at your current progress shows you have much work to do. By staying the course, you hope to reach certain

Campus News

Poll Demonstrates Concern For Collegiate Sports and Academic Balance

Tweet Essentially, Americans believe that schools with a “professional-type sports programs” are putting pressure on other schools to join in. Moreover, people believe that the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA)


7 Smart Tips for College Juniors

Tweet Your junior year of college may be your most transformational one yet. Your basic, required courses are behind you and you’ve declared your major. You’re now taking the courses


Summer College Courses: What to Consider

Tweet You’ve seen them around for a while: summer college course books that are pushing classes that begin as early as May and end as late as August. Normally, most

Education Tips

Are You Ready for National Decision Day?

Tweet Have you made your college decision yet? For high school seniors, the time for choosing a college is slipping by. Most colleges and universities set May 1 as the


Short-Term Goals for Community College Students

Tweet As you begin your community college experience, you may find that the campus environment has some similarities to high school, with some stark differences too. Your first semester classes

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Should You Transfer to a Different College?

Ideally, students will start and finish their undergraduate work at the same school, enjoying the familiarity, consistency, and the security of attending one school. There is something to be said about student and faculty relationships that are built over four years, what can provide a lifetime of mutually satisfying support.

Campus News

About the Collegiate Learning Assessment Test

Tweet Your Grade Point Average is like gold to many employers, a number that sheds light on well you performed academically while in college. However, the GPA is also not

Education Tips

College Juniors: Consider Studying Abroad

What might be the best advice that anyone can give to a college junior? Some may say, “Opt for a double major,” while others may emphasize, “plan for your master’s program now.”

Education Tips

College Sophomores: What to Consider

You did it! You made it through your first year of college and are returning this fall to advance your education.

Campus News

More Students Are Successfully Taking AP Courses

The College Board has released its 9th Annual AP Report to the Nation, providing a glimpse at what high school students are doing to prepare themselves for college.