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Online Education

How to Choose an Online College

Tweet But, obtaining that elusive degree is a must for many working professionals. After all, if you want to move up at work you may need to demonstrate that you’ve

Campus News

NC Educational Consortium Provides Way for Employers to Find Workers

Tweet New job site seeks to launch employers with grads. Community and technical colleges in North Carolina graduate tens of thousands of students each semester, mirroring what takes place all

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Job Picture Begins to Brighten for 2011 Grads

Tweet NACE sees rise in job offers for 2011 grads. 2011 Student Survey The murky job picture college grads anticipated facing as they began looking for work this year appears

Education Tips

How to Survive Summer at College

Tweet Taking summer college classes shouldn’t evoke the same level of consternation students face while in grade school. Most college students have a choice on whether to attend school in


5 Financial Classes to Take to Prepare You for the Real World

Tweet By George Gallagher These are not your basic home economics courses that teach cooking skills, but rather true financial planning courses you will benefit from no matter what degree


Bluetooth Technology and its Benefits

Tweet By way of description, Bluetooth is an open wireless radio technology designed for the exchange of data within short distances. It makes use of short radio wavelength transmission to

Career Planning

4 Job Finding Tips for New Grads

Tweet Like thousands of other graduates, you’ve finished school, but you don’t have a job. That’s understandable given that unemployment is about 9 percent and lots of people who are

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Western Governors University Wins Two Distance Learning Awards

Tweet Western Governors University, a public online university based in Salt Lake City and founded by 19 U.S. governors, continues to make a mark for itself in the competitive distance

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AAU Gives Nebraska the Boot

Tweet The University of Nebraska has the dubious distinction of joining a major sports conference while at the same time being removed from a prestigious academic organization. The American Association

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College Value List May Surprise You

Tweet Jaw dropping annual higher education costs in excess of $40,000 and even $50,000 or more has many middle class families wondering how their sons and daughters will be able

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Group Says Community College Students Are Denied Funding

Tweet Community college is one of the most affordable ways for students to obtain college credits, an important launching pad to four-year schools or for offering sufficient training through offered