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Improving Education With Technology

Tweet Education is big business. Whether you are a parent of teenagers attending high school, teacher at your local elementary school or president of a university, it’s your job to

Book Reviews

Book Review: Math For Grownups

Tweet Resurrecting Math 101… for adults. We’re taught from a young age how to add numbers, subtract, multiply and divide. By using numbers wisely and accurately, we can figure out

Personal Advice

How to Get Ready to Go Off to College

Tweet Personal effects — You need to look and smell good while on campus which can mean different things for different people. Bath towels and washcloths; dental floss and toothpaste;

Campus News

Is Personal Fulfillment Your Career Priority?

Tweet Fame and money are not the most important pursuits for today’s future workers, however. High school and college students may be looking for something else, namely personal fulfillment. A

Campus Cars

Is the Scion IQ the Ultimate College Car?

Tweet Diminutive Scion debuts this October. The Scion iQ debuts this fall, a tiny 4-seat microcar that defies easy description. Not much bigger than a Smart ForTwo, this model is

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EV Conference Sheds Light on Electric Technology

Tweet International conference attracts academia & businesses alike. RALEIGH, N.C. — North Carolina State University and other schools from around the nation have been busy with “Plug-In 2011 Conference &

Personal Advice

Attention College Students – Don’t Over Think Fundraising

Tweet By Jason Lancaster However, when it comes to fundraising for a college club, religious group or other college-affiliated organization, students should remember that the status quo works…don’t over think

Career Planning

Career Choice: RN with an MBA

Tweet Making a difference in health with an MBA. Students considering a career as a registered nurse may want to keep in mind what lies just beyond working in an

Career Planning

How Technology has Affected the Recruitment Process

Tweet By Stephanie Staszko Although this is generally construed as a positive development, employers can often be bombarded by the increased volumes of applicants. This can affect the recruiter at

Career Planning

Interview With a Teacher

Tweet By Justin Jobs On a scale of 1 to 10 I would rate my job satisfaction as a 6 — it is this low because I teach in a

College Training

Are You Ready to Take Your College Assessment Test?

Tweet College preparation is a lengthy process. Test Prep Both tests are important, but most colleges require students to have taken one or the other. The SAT is the most

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Guilford Tech Aims to Boost Graduation Rate

Tweet Greensboro, N.C. college seeks to help students complete their education. GREENSBORO, N.C. — All across the United States, community and technical colleges have witnessed a spike in enrollment, particularly