Improving Education With Technology

Improving Education With Technology


Education is big business. Whether you are a parent of teenagers attending high school, teacher at your local elementary school or president of a university, it’s your job to see that your students get the most up-to-date information available.

We live in a technologically demanding world, and kids need to know how to navigate through their school years into a career without getting lost amongst the sometimes overwhelming information that is found everywhere they turn. There is no doubt that even the youngest school kids are savvier than you were at their age. For many kids, using a cell phone and laptop are second nature. They don’t know a world without such tools. There are ways to keep students on the right learning track while still allowing them the freedom to explore the world around them.

You can’t turn around without running into someone texting, emailing, tweeting or blogging. The beauty of these communication methods is that they can be done from the privacy of your home on your desktop computer or while waiting for your next class to start using one of your hand-held devices. The world is open, but is it possible to tame your little corner of the globe?

Consider equipping your electronics with the latest software that will simultaneously get you through your business presentation and your fourth-grader through her history report. There is no reason that you both can’t use the same concepts to achieve entirely different purposes. After all, aren’t you both trying to educate someone? You need to get your message across to potential clients and your child wants to get a good grade and show her knowledge of the Ming Dynasty to her teacher and class. Using well-designed software will enable you both to accomplish your tasks with distinction while increasing your own understanding of designing computerized presentations. Think of the leg up you will give your child throughout the formative education years with the right technology at her fingertips.

If your primary concern is educating high-school kids or college students, you have a huge responsibility to not only get your students to learn, but to reach them in the first place. Most teenagers and college-age people would rather text or surf on their phone (that they think they’re hiding behind their textbook) than give you their complete attention. Use their interest in technology to your advantage. Give your students the option of using their laptops or hand-held devices to increase their understanding of the subject you’re teaching. Show them rather than tell them what you’re talking about.

The investment of money and time in owning and being comfortable using software will pay off in your students’ experiences and grades and you will feel much more satisfied at the end of a long day. After all, educating is not just about getting students through your class. It’s about equipping them with the principles and tools that will put them well on their way down their chosen career path.

As an administrator, get the tools that will set your students and school apart from the run-of-the-mill facilities. Arm your departments with contemporary computers and software that will handle the job of attracting the best minds to your campus, be they students or educators. Don’t rely on outdated methods of advertising to sustain interest in your school. There are myriad options available for degree-seeking people, and you want to stand out in the crowd.

When setting up recruiting campaigns, learn how to get the attention of those you want at your school. If you’re seeking students who are already technologically confident, create presentations and ads that will look appealing when they are accessed on a cell phone or other internet-ready device. In the competitive college world, you must acquire and keep students or your job is gone. Learn what software programs are available and use them to your facility’s advantage. Other schools will, and you don’t want to be left in the cold.

If you can take one lesson to heart, it’s this: keep yourself and your students technologically current and embrace the technology available to you. You likely already own a computer, cell phone, hand-held device, and perhaps even one or more gaming consoles. Help your children, students or faculty feel comfortable navigating the internet-filled world too. No one’s life should revolve around looking at a screen all day, but it’s a fact that today, successful people know what to do when faced with technology—no matter what form it takes. Keep your devices loaded with the software that will get the work done, regardless of how big or small the job may be.

About the Author: Bryan Cochand is a freelance writer for Adobe. Adobe provides elearning software to educators so they can create elearning tools.


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