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Are Credit Unions the Way to Go?

Tweet College students have banking options available to them. The most recent bank transfer day was held on November 5 and was backed by the credit unions. Credit unions have

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How to Save Money on Airfare Home

Tweet Airfare can certainly be expensive, but if you’re flexible and creative, then there are bargains available – you just need to know where to look and how to find

Personal Advice

How to Save Money on Student Banking

Tweet Costly bank fees can be avoided. Where to place these funds is a cause of concern for some students, especially as new fees and limited access can make choosing

NCAA Football

Decision Time: LSU Takes on Alabama

Tweet The game everyone has hoped all season long would turn out to be the “game of the year” is shaping up as planned this Saturday evening when the LSU

Career Planning

Career Choice: Dental Hygienist

Tweet Duties Today’s dental hygienists have expanded job responsibilities, handling tasks previously performed only by the dentist. Hygienists examine and review patient medical histories, examine gums for evidence of periodontal

Career Planning

Career Choice: Mortician

Tweet Seriously, working with the deceased isn’t for everyone. You need to have certain people skills — compassion, empathy and sympathy — that not everyone has. You’ll also need to