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Advanced Education

Best Reasons To Earn Your Master of Urban Planning Degree

Many higher educational establishments are offering Master of Urban Planning degrees, but what is a Master of Urban Planning degree? Why should you study for one?

Study Tips

Motivational-Based Goals for College Students

You are well into the semester and one look at your current progress shows you have much work to do. By staying the course, you hope to reach certain goals that you have in mind.

Personal Advice

UCLA Cardiologists Offer Heart-Healthy Advice

You are never too young to consider your heart health. As a college student, you are exposed to germs, fatty foods and binge drinking, what can make you sick, wreck your health or even kill you.

College Planning

HS College Planning Tip: week of Feb 08

Imagine moving into your own home (which is what you will do when you go to college). Think about what you might need.

Personal Advice

Questions HS Students Should Ask Their Guidance Counselors

You’re in high school and have plans to attend college. Like many high school students, you’re trying to do your best academically to secure a high spot amongst your graduating class and to polish your college-bound credentials.


Best Things About Being a Student in London

Being a student in London is pretty amazing. Every day is a new adventure. London is a city with a lot of potential as it is England’s largest city.

Campus News

College Completion: Gap Widens Between Rich and Poor Students

College students from lower income groups have more opportunities to pursue a degree than ever before. Federal pell grants, scholarships and financial aid can provide the assistance these students need to attend college.

Career Planning

Industry Outlook: Library Science

Tweet If you’re library science or information managment, it is essential to know the different paths you can take . In our latest infographic, you will learn about the different

Campus News

Is Your College Underrated?

Among the larger colleges and universities, Harvard, Stanford, and the University of Texas enjoy special consideration. The same can be said for certain small schools, including Swarthmore, The Citadel, and Pomona College.

College Planning

HS College Planning Tip: week of Feb 01

Tweet Quick Review February has started. Review this checklist for items that should be completed at this time in your college planning process. If you submitted your FAFSA form early,