Motivational-Based Goals for College Students

Motivational-Based Goals for College Students
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    You are well into the semester and one look at your current progress shows you have much work to do.

    By staying the course, you hope to reach certain goals that you have in mind.


However, those goals will not be reached unless they are clearly defined. Specifically, if you want to score a “B” grade in Global Logistics, you need to identify what you must do to reach that goal. In other words, vague is out and measurable is in when setting goals. Let’s take a look at how to conceptualize a goal and then set up quantitative intentions.

Vague Goal No. 1: I want a “B” in Global Logistics.

Measurable Goal No. 1: I will review my Global Logistics notes daily for one hour.

Here, you created an action point that is quantifiable and easy to follow. That is to say you know what you must do and how often. Follow through on this goal and you are more likely to get the grade.

Vague Goal No. 2: I am going to study more.

Measurable Goal No. 2: I will study Monday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings from 6:30 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. on the third floor of the college library. Further, I will turn off my devices, work steadily for 50 minutes and taking one 10-minute break for each hour of study.

With this example, you are demonstrating that you will study for at least six hours each week. Furthermore, you are being realistic, knowing that you will need to take two breaks each evening to complete your studies. Identifying an electronic device as a potential distraction adds further credence to your intent.

Vague Goal No. 3: I plan to do better this semester than last semester.

Measurable Goal No. 3: I will increase my grades in my three most challenging classes by a full letter grade each. Even more, I will attend every class, take complete notes and review those notes for 90 minutes every night.

With this goal you are leaving nothing to chance. Notably, you have identified your weaknesses and what steps you will take to reach your goal.

Achieving Your Goals

Goals that are measurable are also achievable. Nevertheless, you need to aid your cause by finding an ideal place to study. Specifically, you must:

1. Study in a solitary place, one that you will use only for studying. No eating, no interacting with other students (unless they are studying with you) and all distractions are properly handled, including devices turned off.

2. Quiet is best. Do away with all potential noises that can distract. Sitting in the corner of the library where there is much foot traffic or quiet chatter will not aid your cause.

3. Stay focused on the project at hand. If you will be using the Internet for research, then close out all other tabs that are not related to your work. Make a point to visit Facebook only after you satisfied your studying for the day.

Likely, there will be some sort of interruption that will occur. Endeavor to allow that distraction to pass and return immediately to your studying. Keep your eyes on the prize and you will reach your goals and have the good grades to show for your efforts.

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