Advice for Parents of Student Athletes

Advice for Parents of Student Athletes
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    It can be a challenge for parents of student athletes to provide the support required to help them succeed in their goals, but most coaches agree that students who go on to play in college need parents who are willing to back them up.


As athletes transition from high school to college, it is important for their parents to understand how they can help. In order for student athletes to reach their goals, parents need to be able to teach, support and encourage their children.

Start Early

When it comes to recruitment, students who have a head start may fair better than their peers. Parents who encourage their kids and initiate contact with coaches themselves may be able to set their child up for greater success in the future. While many kids don’t start to get serious about college until their senior year of high school, parents can take the initiative if they believe their child has what it takes to play at the collegiate level. Parents can take their student athletes to visit campuses at any time at their own expense, which may be able to help students decide on a school they would like to attend.

Be the Advocate

High school athletes are still rather young and may not always make the best decisions. It is up to parents to serve as their advocate by dealing with recruiters and college scouts. There are plenty of people who will promise the world to a student athlete, but a parent should be on hand to decide if things are as good as they seem.

Let the Student Decide

While it may be one parent’s dream to have their child play collegiate-level sports, it is ultimately up to the student to decide whether he or she wants to pursue that path. It takes a lot of talent to do well, but it also takes a lot of hard work, and if an athlete is not willing to put in the work, failure can be a result.

Regardless of the decision a student athlete makes, parents can offer the best support for success on the playing field.  


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