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Collegiate Sports

Should Colleges Get Rid of Sports? Arguments for and Against

Tweet We all know what it’s like to sit down at the bar and cheer on our favorite college football or basketball team. Whether we attended college or not ,

Collegiate Sports

Advice for Parents of Student Athletes

It can be a challenge for parents of student athletes to provide the support required to help them succeed in their goals, but most coaches agree that students who go on to play in college need parents who are willing to back them up.

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NCAA Opens a New Chapter in Conference Autonomy

Conference autonomy has arrived or at least what passes for it. Specifically, the NCAA has allowed the Power 5 conferences — ACC, Big Ten, Big 12, Pac 12 and SEC — to set their own rules.

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Poll Demonstrates Concern For Collegiate Sports and Academic Balance

A Monmouth University Poll revealed that two-thirds of Americans believe that universities are placing too much emphasis on their sports programs. The poll, conducted by this West Long Branch, New Jersey, university was accomplished just before the first ever Division I college football championship game.

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Student Athlete Graduation Rate Improves

Worries that students who attend college on an athletic scholarship may never complete their education is a concern.

NCAA Football

Big Five Conferences to Receive NCAA Autonomy

Five of the largest Division I conferences will soon receive the autonomy that they have wanted.

NCAA Football

NCAA Head Injury Fund is a Start

The National Football League (NFL) has had its own publicity battle regarding concussions. Professional football has been thrust into the limelight numerous times over the past several years for its handling of the issue. An expensive legal settlement is pending.

Collegiate Sports

Should College Football Players Unionize?

Mark it down: the Northwestern University Wildcats are the first college football team to successfully win the right to unionize.

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NCPA Alleges Student Athlete Abuse

Tweet Students who are attending college and a full athletic scholarship are being taken advantage of, at least that is the assertion being made by the National College Players Association