Gearing Up For College? Here Are 5 Books You Better Read

Gearing Up For College? Here Are 5 Books You Better Read
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    Chances are if someone hands you a Charles Dickens novel and asks you to go through it, you will fall sick.

    Believe me, for most college-goers this is a scenario of “been there, done that.”


No don’t get me wrong, I’m not berating Dickens by criticizing his works. It’s just that, when you are gearing up for life as a freshman you would want to do some “fun” reading rather than be stuck with “Great Expectations” and “A Tale Of Two Cities.”

Faced with the dilemma of “to-be or not to-be” (yes, this is a reference to the famous bard William Shakespeare)? Have no fear. We have sorted out 5 books for you to read before you embark on your journey of becoming a graduate. So get started with cracking those book spines.

1. Watchmen, Alan Moore

Time Magazine ranks it as one of the best novels of all times. Frankly though, here is a graphic novel that elucidates the flexibility of the term “novel” to the best possible extent. This comic masterpiece from Alan Moore serves as one of the best highlights of contemporary American society during the twentieth century. While a copy is recommended for every freshman, graphic artists and creative writers are those who can’t afford to give it a miss.

2. Norwegian Wood, Haruki Murakami

If you are looking for the perfect introduction into the contemporary world of Japanese literature established by Murakami, “Norwegian Wood” is the perfect place to get started. The past few decades have been short of many defining authors, so being familiar with a part of the repertoire of one of them is advisable. “IQ84” is another of his works – a 1000 page novel you will come across on many shelves – but “Norwegian Wood” is comparatively shorter but does not lack the power factor.

3. The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy, Douglas Adams

One of the most original and funniest books ever to have graced book shelves, “The Hitchhiker’s Guide” is addictive, depressing, and full of satire. Though there are five more books in the series, it is the first one that you really want to be in possession of. The book is inspirational to the extent that it has an International Holiday attributed to it. Known as Towel Day, people celebrate this day by carrying towels and shouting out loud “Don’t Panic!”.

4. Fight Club, Chuck Palahniuk

Ground rules, you are not to tell anyone that you came across this information here. If you are yet to read the book, there is something really great you are missing out on. True, the movie is really great, but the book offers something of a whole new dimension. Palahniuk presents a style that is unique in the context of American literature and chances are you will soon go hunting for the whole lot of his works.

5. Slouching Towards Bethlehem, Joan Didion

If you sit through enough English classes in college, there is a likelihood that you will come across this book. However, it is not enough to simply “come across” this short story collective. Though it may seem pretty innocuous at first, you will soon get sucked into its myriad world like an insect getting drawn in by a Venus flytrap.

While you can choose any other book that may suit your interest, these are the ones we recommend. Why not take to your social networking account and spread the word among your friends? The world is waiting!


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