Making Money Safely Online While Studying

Making Money Safely Online While Studying
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    There is little else as important as the need and concomitant desire to make money while at college.


Though you are essentially at college to study for and earn your degree, at the same time you have an innate desire to live; to experience for the first time “life” outside of the familial home. Far from scrounging on earnings from a part-time job, more often than not coffee-related or in the service industry in some capacity, the sort of lifestyle sought by many students is one which encompasses in stable harmony time for study and time for leisure.

Rather than stretching one’s energy to critical levels in working two or more jobs on the side, today’s online environment permits a seemingly easier and apparently quicker way making college money that catches the eye of many a freshman looking for easy bucks to enjoy their weekend with. Nonetheless, though the money may be virtual, the risks are very real.

Bitcoin, Blockchain Technology, and Beyond

Bitcoin is having a bit of a moment lately. If you’ve got a small expendable sum, you might be tempted to invest in this cryptocurrency that has risen in value 330% this year alone. However, firstly, there are other cryptoassets out there that use blockchains (basically online ledgers). Do some research and you might feel your long-term needs are better served by other Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) and the likes of Ether (ETH), OmiseGo (OMG), Qtum (QTUM), (XRL), and PembiCoin (PBC).

The appeal of virtual currency is, of course, the ability to make money without even trying. However, remember that what you earn through your investment can depreciate as well and any interest earned be depleted, and even your original lump sum.

Anti-Virus Software and Smart Technology

Of course, playing the markets not only online, but investing in literal virtual currency is a risky way to make money. Being cyber-based, there is the danger of attack from malware and ransomware. Given that more people, especially students, are using mainly smart technologies for transactions, this has extended to viruses proliferating in handheld devices, obliterating and/or stealing users’ data. When that’s many, many dollars of cryptocurrency, things become very serious indeed. Look into hiring a mobile forensics service if this happens to you.

PayPal Pros and Cons

Aside from virtual investments, being paid for work conducted online – be it surveys or short reviews or other income means that can be facilitated via email or virtual conferencing – has led to huge success for companies such as PayPal, where for a small fee all your invoicing can be done online over one platform.

The fee alone when you’re earning pretty much pittance this way is frustrating, but who knew adult life was so simple, right? Wrong. Beware hacking via scams and phishing when using this service. It might be small amounts at first, but given PayPal’s direct link to your bank account, security breaches can become devastating. Sometimes, it really is worth waiting for funds to clear in your real life account.

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