Are Student Discounts Good Business?

Are Student Discounts Good Business?
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    Who loves money? Who loves to save? Everyone does!

    That is why the majority of us loves discounts.

    Billions of coupons are redeemed yearly.


Now what is a discount and how does it work?

Discounts are a reduction to the original price of a certain product or services or a reduced price offered by a certain business on its products or services. Discounts are applicable to a lot of industries who offer sales and products or services.

Types of discounts

There are several types of discounts that are popular among consumers:

  • Buy one get one free discounts
  • Contractual discounts
  • Early payment discounts
  • Free shipping discounts
  • Order specific discounts
  • Price break discounts
  • Seasonal discounts
  • Senior citizen discounts, and
  • Student discounts

Now lets’ talk about student discounts. Do they really work? What benefits can you get?

Before go any further about the benefits of this type of discount, let us first discuss what is a student discount.

What is a student discount?

A student discount is a type of discount given or granted to a student who goes to a particular school, university or college.

As consumers, these students, opting to avail their student discounts will most likely pay a reduced amount of money for the intended product that they want to buy compared to the actual amount. Everything is pretty expensive nowadays, but you can use your student discount whether you get a pair of sneakers, textbooks, or anything valuable for that matter. Saving on purchases is indeed a must.

Some of the benefits would be :

  • Discounts from restaurants
  • Discounted rates on attractions
  • Reduced payment on groceries or fuel
  • Reduced payment on textbooks and other essentials
  • Reduced payments of software you get online and more!

Who can avail?

If you are 16 or over and a full time or part-time student, then you are eligible for student discounts. You can enjoy the perks by having one.

other valuable tips:

Why offer a student discount?

Now this question goes to the business establishments.

Here are some reasons why you should.

  1. Students shop online – your targeted market is also relying on the internet to purchase their stuff.
  2. They want to be also marketed – about 70% of these students receive an email about various student discounts. Most stores also post their discounts online and many retailers are able to reach them on social media.
  3. Students love to shop, travel, and have fun while saving money
  4. Students are sensitive to money as well as prices; this is due to lower disposable income so they need to manage their expenses.

So remember that the student market is an intellectual one. It is most likely that they browse on the internet and check online stores to get discounts each time they plan to buy something or go on a trip.

For students keep your eyes ready for student deals each time you are purchasing something, may it be a simple textbook or going to an ultimate getaway! Spend wisely and have fun!

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