How To Start a Successful Side Hustle by Printing T-Shirts

How To Start a Successful Side Hustle by Printing T-Shirts
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    If you need some extra money, there are more side hustles than ever before.

    One of the best is to start printing your own T-shirts.

    It isn't too challenging, you can do it from home, and it has low upfront costs.


So, here is how to start a successful side hustle by printing T-shirts.

Come up With a Concept and Tweak as Needed

Every successful company has an image and brand that they maintain to identify with their customers. Yours is no different, so try out different T-shirt designs, company logos, and photography styles to solidify how you want to present your brand.

Show them to friends and family to gain their perspective, and share your ideas on social media to gather a consensus. Ensure that whatever design you choose for your shirts looks excellent with various colors and sizes to appeal to a broader audience.

You may also have to perform some market research to ascertain whether your business can make a profit.

Select Your Materials To Start Printing

Now that you have the business side of things in order, it’s time to start printing. First, purchase a long-lasting heat press machine so your shirts are high quality and durable. People will pay more for higher quality T-shirts.

The last thing you want is a bad reputation from cheap materials, so investing in a stable machine will save you from stress in the long run. Your heat press machine will come with instructions on how to use it, but there are many online resources and YouTube tutorials on the subject if you have questions.

Blank T-shirts come in numerous colors and are available in bulk quantities for wholesale distribution. Pick up a few of these and some heat transfer vinyl for the design to attempt your first print.

As a beginner, you will make mistakes, so learn from them and persevere until you get it right. Once you get comfortable with the process, it’s time to start selling them.

Figure Out a Fair Price and Market Your Product

With your business figured out, and the printing process refined, your next step is selling the product. Try selling your shirts at different price points until you reach a compromise with your demographic. You want your price to cover the costs of production, but if it’s too high, it will turn people away, leading to zero profit.

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Marketing your shirts is free if you give some away to people you think will spread the word. For example, if they talk about your T-shirts while wearing them and you promote them on street corners and campus events, people will know where to go for printed T-shirts.

After you’ve made a few sales, paying for ads on social media might help if you want to scale the business even further. Now you know how to start a successful side hustle by printing T-shirts!

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