The Importance of a Good Landing Page

The Importance of a Good Landing Page
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    You may not know what exactly a landing page is, but you should; in this age of digitalization almost every company utilizes digital marketing, and landing pages are a crucial part of any successful digital marketing campaign.


To state it as simply as possible, a landing page is the web page a potential customer is sent to when they click a link in an advertisement. So you may have spent ages designing a lovely marketing campaign with programs like Google AdWords, but all that work will be wasted if you do not have a good landing page: an ad may catch the attention of a potential customer, but it is the landing page that seals the deal.

A good landing page lends credibility

Imagine that you see a product from a brand that you are unfamiliar with in an advertisement and you are interested in purchasing this product. However, when you click the ad, you are sent to a page that looks unprofessional, messy, disorganized or all of the above. Are you still going to buy that product? Probably not.

In the digital world of today, customers have never been more wary of web pages that look anything less than professional and legitimate. It is therefore extremely important that you not only have landing pages for your marketing campaigns but that these pages also look professional. It is especially important for new businesses that have yet to establish their brand and form a trusting customer base.

How to get started

There is a wealth of information about landing pages online, but luckily you do not have to be an expert or an IT-wiz to have beautifully crafted landing pages as part of your digital campaigns. There are a variety of professional companies that can help you design your landing pages for you, using templates which you can customize to your liking.

5 top tips for a good landing page

  1. Make your landing page relevant to the advert

    If a potential customer clicks on an advert advertising a beautiful lamp, they would probably not be impressed if the landing page is for a table. Furthermore, they may even assume there is something wrong with the link and give up on buying the product entirely.

  2. The landing page headline should match the ad the customer clicked on

    Do not give customers reasons to doubt whether they have been sent to the correct page, as they will make them mistrust both the page and your brand.

  3. Make your landing page easy to navigate

    No customer is interested in spending time trying to navigate a page that is confusing or does not have clear guidelines.

  4. Your landing page should have a single focus

    The customer has landed on that page because they are interested in the advertised product. If you clutter the landing page with several other products or irrelevant information, the customer may become frustrated and decide not to invest after all.

  5. Most importantly: your landing page has to look professional!

    Make sure your landing page looks legitimate, sleekly designed, and with no spelling mistakes.

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