The Truth Behind Misconceptions About Trucking

The Truth Behind Misconceptions About Trucking
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    Trucking is a misunderstood career; many people assume that truck drivers are underpaid, have inflexible work hours and little job security.


While there are certainly some drawbacks to trucking, as with any job, there are plenty of great things about it as well.

Receive Great Pay

The starting salary for a truck driver is just under $40,000, with the potential to earn more as you gain experience. If you’re interested in trucking company jobs in Charlotte NC, you will have to get a CDL; depending on what you’d like to learn and what class of license you get, this costs between $3,000 to $7,000. Some companies will pay for your certification if you agree to work for them for a set amount of time.

Freedom To Travel for Money

While many people have a hard time dredging up the funds for a vacation to see even some of the nation’s most famous sites, truckers are paid to travel. They get to see beautiful scenery across the nation—all while putting money into their bank accounts.

Enjoy a Flexible Schedule

It is true that trucking can get lonely and often means days or weeks spent away from family; however, truckers are able to control their schedules a lot more than your average office worker. You can determine what types of loads to take and whether you want to take more local, regional or national routes. This means that you can fit your schedule to your lifestyle—traveling far and wide or sticking close to home. Planned wisely, you can spend plenty of time with family. You may even be able to spend most nights and weekends at home.

Get Benefits and Bonuses

Some people seem to assume that trucking offers little benefits, but this is not true. While the specifics depend on the company, trucking comes with benefits—just like any full-time job. Some companies will even offer bonuses to their drivers for things like safe driving, good fuel economy and staying with the company for a long time.

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Experience Job Security

If you keep your license active and obey the laws, trucking comes with great job security. This is even more true now—there is a trucker shortage, which both increases job security and is driving wages up.

Without college loans weighing them down, the pay and demand for workers actually gives truckers an advantage over college graduates. No job is perfect, but contrary to popular belief, truckers enjoy a range of benefits—right down to the perks of travel.

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