7 Good Paying Jobs That Only Require an Associate Degree

7 Good Paying Jobs That Only Require an Associate Degree
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    Not every college-bound student must purse a bachelor’s degree.

    There are quite a few jobs that require no more than an associate degree and still pay quite well.


A quick road to better paying opportunities.

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics lists approximately two dozen high-paying jobs where a two-year degree is sufficient. We’ll be taking a look at seven of them as you read on.

1. Physical Therapist Assistants

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) gives physical therapist assistants a bright outlook for job openings in the coming decade. These assistants help physical therapists with a variety of tasks as allowed by state law, including documenting the progress of treatment, carrying out routine functions and transporting patients to and from treatment centers. The median wage for this position was $53,360 as of 2013.

2. Radiologic Technologists

With a median average wage of $55,200 per year, the radiologic technician can pursue a secure career. It is a fast growing field too with more positions being created than the average for all jobs. This individual is tasked with taking x-rays and CAT scans for patients. She may also administer nonradioactive materials into the patient’s blood stream for diagnostic purposes.

3. Avionics Technicians

Individuals with an interest in aviation might consider pursuing a position as an avionics technician. These professionals are responsible for installing, inspecting, adjusting and repairing avionics equipment. Avionics stands for “aviation electronics” and that equipment may include: radar, navigation and radio. The BLS is projecting slow job growth is forecast for these technicians who can expect to earn $55,990 per year on average.

4. Web Developer

Clearly, there are excellent web developers out there who finished high school, but did not attend college. For the person who wants to receive formal training on how to design, build and update web sites, there are two-year programs available at some community colleges. Learn coding, software programs and SEO. Do your job well and you will be in line to earn median pay of $63,160 per year.

5. Registered Nurse

Not all registered nurses are required to have a four-year degree. Some RNs have completed nursing school, typically a two- or three-year program with a practicum included. Community and technical colleges are an excellent source for producing RNs and you always have the option of obtaining a bachelor’s degree later. The average salary for the nation’s 2.7 million RNs was $66,220 in 2013.

6. Dental Hygienists

Visit any dental office and the hygienist may be doing most of the work. This person cleans teeth, records patient medical histories, takes x-rays and works side-by-side with the dentist. Hygienists work hard and can expect ample job opportunities for years to come. The median wage is high, coming in at $71,110 per year. This is one of the best-paying jobs you can find with an associate degree.

7. Air Traffic Controller

The cohort of air traffic controllers is a small one, limited to just 25,000 people. The field is seeing little or no change, but if you can get into this high-pressure field you’ll be rewarded handsomely. After all, you are helping to guide aircraft across the busy skies as well as to take off and land. ATCs earned $121,280 per year as of 2013 according to the BLS.

Career Considerations

You may be glad to know that there are many job opportunities available to you that do not require a four-year degree. Other jobs not mentioned include nuclear technicians, engineering technicians and even funeral service directors. Your college advisor can discuss your career options with you.

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