Job Security and Your Career

Job Security and Your Career
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    There was a time in the history of the United States when workers could start at a company, rise through the management ranks, put in about 40 years and then retire with a pension.


These individuals were virtually guaranteed lifetime employment, something that today’s employees and soon-to-be college grads won’t find waiting for them.

Work Ethic Based Job Security

Although job security is not what it once was, there is a level of security that people can find, but that security comes mostly from within, not from without. That security is based largely on the person’s work ethic especially his or her ability to stand out in a crowd. Specifically, top talent may not escape periods of unemployment, but those intervals will likely be short with even better job offers on the horizon.

Here is how to make yourself a virtually indispensable employee:

1. Achieve results that go beyond the ordinary. There are a lot of people that do acceptable, even good work while on the job. You, however, must strive to do better if you are to be recognized for the top talent you are or want to become. Those results may be based on a variety of factors as in completing a key report early, obtaining estimates from contractors before that information is required, researching how competitors are responding to a similar challenge and more. You don’t simply give what is expected, you perform beyond those expectations.

2. Demonstrate independence and self motivation. Top talented individuals are self motivated and are able to get their work done without hand holding. They are the type of people that employers know can get their work done without oversight. This does not mean that such employees never need assistance, rather when a problem comes up, they’re most likely coming to you with a solution already in mind.

3. Go beyond the call of duty. Everyone has tasks and duties that must be performed. The best employees simply look at those responsibilities as a foundation, and eagerly desire to take on new or different work. These individuals have much foresight, able to see what it takes to get a project completed and anticipate challenges along the way. They aren’t looking to offload responsibilities to someone else, but may call on others to help out, demonstrating de facto leadership as part of a make-shift team.

4. Make yourself an expert at what you do. You are not only good at what you do, but everyone looks at you as being a leader, even an expert in that area. And that is why when a problem arises, when a question needs answering or advice is required, people make a beeline for you. You may not always have all the answers, but you can direct people to those that do.

5. Look beyond your present situation. Top talented workers look beyond their job as a way for making money. Money and other forms of remuneration are important, but job satisfaction may trump all. These individuals typically start off in a company in one position, work their way over and up to another position and are being groomed to continue to move up. The best workers are always looking down the road, especially for new opportunities within the company and beyond.

6. Show that integrity is an essential ingredient of who you are and what you do. These days, corporate ethics seem to be taking a beating. Scandal after scandal has brought down top CEOs and corporate board members, something you must resolve to never be embroiled in personally. Whether it is from your deep-seated religious beliefs or your humanitarian background, there is a standard you must uphold. Taking short cuts, passing the buck or sloughing off on the job are characteristics that do not describe who you are.

Top Talent Considerations

The best employees make a name for themselves and often receive special consideration from management. Even when times get tough, top talented individuals typically receive better raises, more opportunities and protection when lay offs happen. When the best employees decide to leave or are terminated, their network of influencers are there to help. Top talent is sought by companies far and wide, individuals that can expect increasing exposure as they navigate through their careers.

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