3 Easy Ways Teenagers Can Make Money

3 Easy Ways Teenagers Can Make Money
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    Being a teenager is so difficult.

    You must sort through a plethora of emotions while trying to establish your independence.


One way teens can begin their path to freedom is to get a job. However, holding employment while trying to focus on your studies can prove challenging.

If you want to make some extra cash, but don’t want to commit to an actual job, take up one of these easy ways teenagers can make money. You’ll have some more dough, but you’ll still be able to focus on school.

Clean Cars

Cleaning cars is a simple way teenagers can get more cash in their pockets. The best part is you can create your own schedule.

You can choose when you want to wash cars, and for how long, as it’s not like a traditional 9-5 job. Instead, you can clean cars whenever you’re not busy concentrating on your studies.

Don’t apply to a professional car wash company, though. Offer your services through word of mouth and simple marketing techniques. However, you need to make sure you’re good at cleaning cars before you decide to take on the task.

The inside and the outside should look sparkling and new so that you can earn the big bucks. Scrub the outside with soap and towels made for cars, so drivers feel envious when they roll past a car you cleaned.

Also, learn how to clean the interior like a pro. Clear out the junk and vacuum the floor. Your customers will appreciate you making the extra effort and should leave you a huge tip.

Pet Sitting

Another easy way teenagers can make money is by pet sitting. So many pet owners don’t want to leave their animals alone for an extended period of time. Teenagers should take advantage of these opportunities.

Ask your teachers or neighbors if they plan on getting away for the weekend any time soon. You could stay at their home to make sure their pet has a loyal companion by their side while the owners are away. Moreover, you’ll get to spend time with animals.

There’s truly nothing better than getting paid to hang out with a dog. If you’re trustworthy and reliable, soon enough, you’ll have your own client base. You’ll could watch a new dog every weekend.

other valuable tips:

Resell Old Clothes

Teenagers are notorious for having too many clothes. Do a little “spring cleaning” this winter and go through your closets. Tons of websites allow you to resell clothing in good condition. Resell any items of clothing you haven’t worn in forever.

Pay attention to the season as well, as it doesn’t make sense to sell shorts in the middle of winter. You’re guaranteed to make a profit if you resell older clothing items. Just make sure to save the money you collect; don’t spend it on more clothes.

These are all easy ways teenagers can make money. There’s no reason teenagers should feel stressed about holding a job while in school. Any of these options will allow you to focus on your academics and earn a little extra cash. Who knows, you may even enjoy yourself.

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