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Student Health

10 Ways to Stay Healthy at College

Going back to college for the new semester or just admitted? It’s time to stress about studies, expenses, as well as your health. Just like you have to take an exam for studies, similarly you have to practice mindfulness for staying healthy during college.

College Living

How to Handle College and a Military Career at the Same Time

When you want to join the military while also attending college, it can be difficult to know how to manage both things at once. However, it is very possible to handle college and a military career at the same time.


Top Reasons Why Woodworking Should Be in Colleges

Before you get unhinged about steering away from a traditional degree, hear us out. There’s a huge demand for tradesmen and women right now.

Money Tips

3 Easy Ways Teenagers Can Make Money

Being a teenager is so difficult. You must sort through a plethora of emotions while trying to establish your independence.

College Planning

Prepping for College Admissions? Here’s 4 Things That Can Give Your Application a Boost

You already know that good grades, high test scores and lots of extracurricular activities can help keep your college application out of the reject pile.

Personal Advice

7 Simple Ways College Students Can Give Back

Living a life of generosity and compassion is something to strive for. Yet for many reasons—money being one of them—it’s hard for college students to embrace a life of consistent charitable giving.

Money Tips

How to Survive College with No Cash

College can be an exciting time in life, but it can also be one where you find yourself low on funds. However, being low on funds doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy yourself, or that you need to go into debt either.


What are the Most Crypto-friendly Countries? (Top 8 Countries)

Simply put, a crypto-friendly country tries to ensure taxes and regulations are as friendly as possible for businesses that use blockchain – the underlying technology of cryptocurrencies.

College Search

Top Tips to Choosing the Right University for You

If you’re already compiling your list of dream universities to apply to, you’re probably wondering how you can start to narrow down what kinds of school are the right fit for you.


4 Steps of Becoming a Great Full Stack Developer

Life is a race, and if you don’t run fast enough, you are going to get left behind. This is a saying we have been told by our parents since our childhood.

Study Tips

How to Pass All of Your Exams in College

Before we start talking about exams, let’s say a few things about YOU! First of all, if you started school, you can finish it successfully, too!

Career Planning

5 Industries That Depend on Mechanical Engineers for Ongoing Developments

If you are trying to decide on a career to pursue, one you should give serious consideration to is mechanical engineering. Now more than ever before, the world depends on technology and machines to provide human beings with a higher standard of living.