Tips for Becoming a Dog Walker

Tips for Becoming a Dog Walker
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    Depending on how seriously you'd like to be as a dog walker, there are classes and certifications to help you be the real deal.

    Though this can be something you do as a side-job for acquaintances, if you so choose, it could be an actual established business.


Following tips for becoming a dog walker may allow you to do something you love as your job.

Job Training

Though dog walking may seem like an easy and fun thing to do (and it is), it’s best to take some courses on animal care. Different dogs have different needs.

Understanding their temperaments, routines, how to help senior dogs stay mobile, and how to be sensitive to past traumas or physical issues that may affect a walk. There is a lot to know in order to care for and protect other people’s pets. It’s quite a responsibility.


Accepting responsibility for other people’s dogs means understanding that animals can be unpredictable. They’ll be relying on you for food, water, and to be let outside to do their business and then clean up after them.

Before you start, it’s essential to educate yourself on city ordinances and laws for animal care. Fill out any paperwork and be sure to record the license numbers of all the dogs you’re looking after.

Keep a history of their vaccinations as well. You’ll also want to acquire the necessary licensure and insurance to protect you and your business in the event that something happens.


Not only will you be in charge of scheduling appointments and dedicating specified days and times for different dogs, you’ll have to understand their temperaments. You don’t want to get in a situation with a dog who hasn’t been properly socialized or they might become aggressive with another dog. Scheduling means finding times you can meet without fail and putting the right dogs together to socialize.


Once you’ve prepared for this venture, you’ll need to decide on the rate you’re going to charge people. This may be based on the duration of time that you’ll have a dog in your care, how difficult they are to manage, whether you’ll be in charge of the dog’s mealtime, and other variations.

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Having a clear way of how you come to a specific expected rate is important so that you’re consistent with your clients and able to make quotes.

There are many tips for becoming a dog walker. Whether you’re looking to start a full-blown business or make some cash on the side in between classes, it can be a great endeavor.

It’s essential that you understand where liabilities lie, and that you protect yourself and your charges. Once you’ve done the necessary preparations, you should be on your way to an abundance of puppy love and fresh air!

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