How To Upgrade Your Learning Skills

How To Upgrade Your Learning Skills
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    Learning is a process that is individual and personal.

    But, one thing is common - you need discipline and proper learning skills if you want to master a subject.


Whether you’re learning for a college exam or upgrading your career, you need to have the right learning skills. If you feel like this is an area you can improve, here’s a list of suggestions that will help you improve your studying process.

Set up a no distractions’ environment

The learning environment is more important than you’ve imagined. The key to ensuring is to limit distractions, so you’ll find it easier to stay consistent and focused. They say that messy rooms only elevate stress, so make sure your working station is as neat as you find comfortable.

Put your phone away from reach, and use noise-cancelling headphones if you share a room with a roommate. Ensure a proper lighting source and a comfortable spot, and you’ll be ready to start.

If you live in a full house, write a do not disturb message and rules for interruptions. Ensure those you live with understand your rules and act accordingly.

Block out time

Blocking out time is a useful skill because it can help you stay motivated and disciplined to study. By blocking out chunks of your day to study, you’ll manage to keep up with your coursework, exams and papers.

There’s so much time in a day, so ensure you time your studying properly. It might take you a while to determine how long should each study block last to ensure optimal productivity and retention.

But, if you want to be as productive as possible, block out studying sessionsand breaks that follow.

Limit social media

Being able to focus is a great learning skill. It means that you can eliminate everything that can only benefit your learning process. This means that you need to limit social media if you want to reach the state of deep work and learning.

Even if you think that just five minutes on Instagram won’t harm your flow, the contrary is true. Social media can distract you from learning and make it hard for you to focus.

You can even catch yourself rereading a passage simply because you crave the dopamine fix we get from scrolling through social media.

Recognize when you need help

Sometimes the only way to get ahead is by recognizing you need help improving your skills. This isn’t a sign of weakness or lack intelligence, quite the contrary.

If you know that you have a weakness, you’re one step closer to turning the weakness into your strength. For example, if you have trouble getting ready for your upcoming GAMSAT, you can either struggle and fail or take a GAMSAT preparation course and pass your exam.

The only difference between failing and passing an exam here is in recognizing when you need help. This is also a way to improve your learning skills.

Time your breaks the right way

Results happen not when you study hard, but when you study smart. Taking time to rest and pause are also valuable learning skills.

People are not machines, even though we sometimes believe that we can study sixteen hours a day. But, if we want to maximize retention and recall, we need to take breaks between study sessions.

Your eyes need a break, your mind can benefit from some rest, and your body could be re-energized with sleep and nutritious food. All of these things happen when you take care of yourself and take breaks from studying.

Organize your notes

Keeping clear and concise notes is probably half of your exam success. Learning takes place during your lectures, while you take notes and when you revise your notes.

After each lecture, you can transcribe your notes into a more legible one, add additional notes and learn as you write. You can even record your lectures and transcribe them later.

This way you can pay more attention to your lectures and don’t worry if you didn’t manage to write something down.

Test your knowledge

Quizzing and testing yourself is also a skill one must master to improve their learning skills. How can you measure your progress, if you don’t test yourself?

Test results will show you which parts of your curriculum need more work and areas which you’ve mastered.

If you don’t test yourself, you’ll never know how much you know and how much you don’t know. Track your progress properly, so you’ll know what needs improvement.

Work with a study group

A study group can improve your overall learning skills, motivate you to keep up with the learning pace, and help you overcome learning plateaus. When you learn in a group, you can’t stay behind, because you won’t be able to keep up with the pace.

Also, if you struggle with motivation, you can all motivate each other when it gets tough. Also, tough subjects can be made simple when a fellow student explains something differently.

Learn from your mistakes

When you test your knowledge, the emphasis is not on how many you got wrong, the focus is on those you got wrong. The4 key here is to discover which areas or subjects need more work. So, note down all the questions, topics or subjects you got wrong in addition to those you know well.

When you know something well, you can just refresh your memory. But those mistakes are the ones that need your attention because you can learn from them. You can learn which areas need more work and focus on improving them.

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Sleep well

You’ve probably heard the saying Sleep on it. This saying can be implemented in your learning skills. Sleeping can improve retention, information recall and the entire learning process.

It’s been proven that quality sleep improves memory and retention. So, do not compromise your sleep during your learning process.

Not only will you have more energy the next day, but with quality sleep, you’ll also improve your memory and recall of information.

Lastly, don’t forget to be kind to yourself and ask for help when you need it. There are many ways to improve one’s ability to retain more information and become better at learning.

But the key is to stay true to your plan, work on your discipline, ask for help and take good care of your mind, body and sleep routine.

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