College Rejection Letters & How To Handle Them


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I’m not a psychologist, but I am someone who has been through life’s ups and downs. This month, millions of students will find out where they will be spending their freshmen year at college, with some getting into the school of their choice while others will be left out.

Yes, college acceptance letters are going out right now as are college rejection letters, the latter which are considered the scourge of high school seniors everywhere.

You’ve given it your very best, working diligently to pull up your grades, improve your SAT scores, and to finish an undesirable extracurricular activity, one that you wanted to quit but knew that you needed to include on your college application.

Unfortunately, amongst the stack of letters you received recently was a rejection letter from your first choice in schools. Never mind that one of your lower-tiered choices has accepted your application — this one hurts as it is the college you wanted to attend since your freshmen year of high school.

Quite suddenly, it is all very personal now — you thought that you had what it takes and you realize that Upstanding University’s Class of 2012 will not include you. Worse, you have to face family members and friends, telling them that you did not get in.

Yes, college rejection letters are just the sort of bad news that nobody wants to receive, but they are part of the college application process. There are just so many seats available at a school and even if you have the “college resume” that is the envy of everyone, you have no guarantee that a seat will be made available to you.

Once the pain has settled, consider the following:

  • You haven’t gotten into the school of your choice, but at least one of your other choices has worked out.
  • Many of your classmates were not accepted by their first choice school either. They’ll be fine and you’ll be fine as long as you turn your disappointment into an opportunity — you can’t change the college’s decision, but you can choose to make something with what you have.

Life has a way of giving you some thorns amongst the roses, but these disappointments can help build up character and face whatever storms come your way as they certainly will come.


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