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Career Planning

10 In-Demand College Majors

High school seniors and non-matriculated college students are nervously scanning the news these days to see if their intended career path is still open or whether they’ll need to adjust their plans accordingly. Fortunately, an economic downturn usually means that hiring for key jobs is only temporarily curtailed while the long term prospects for most in-demand careers remain bright.

Career Planning

Career Choice: Green Marketers

If you have a passion for environmental sustainability and a desire to “save the earth” or make a contribution to a “greener” future, there is a new category of marketer that may appeal to you. Indeed, the career choice of “green marketer” is so new that the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics is gathering the data to support this career as of publishing.

Book Reviews

Book Review: Guide To College Majors

Tweet When I was in college, there were students who knew what they wanted to do with their lives and were ready to matriculate the first chance that they were


Business School Scholarships and Grants For Students

Tweet Business schools offer degrees in Business Administration, with degrees conferred at the bachelors and masters levels. These types of school offer instruction in such topics accounting, administration, finance, information