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College Budgeting

5 Ways to Stay Ahead of the College Tuition Curve

Tweet How do you keep up with a 32 percent increase in tuition? Well, you can’t. At least if that hit takes place within one academic year. But that’s the

Fun News Social Networking

Texting While Lecturing: Is This Right?

Tweet Thank you for checking out the first of what we hope will be several polls on Please take the poll and feel free to add your comments in

Campus News

Who Is Killing Our College Students?

Tweet The college campus is not always a safe place even though ivy-covered buildings, pristine academic buildings and well manicured lawns and beautiful gardens might suggest otherwise. One or more

Social Networking Technology

15 Way Cool Social Networking Sites You Never Heard Of

Tweet MySpace is so 2003 while Twitter remains a mystery for most college students. As for Facebook, have you tired of a site where people you barely know send you

Collegiate Sports NCAA Basketball

Bubble Watch: You Pick ‘Em!

Tweet The men’s college basketball season is white hot, with teams jockeying for position as they finish up the regular season and prepare to enter their respective conference tournaments. A


The Last Word on College Scholarships

Tweet For most of this week SayCampusLife has been focusing on college scholarship opportunities for our college bound readers. On Tuesday, we took a look at Business School Scholarships and


Upcoming College Scholarship Deadlines Worth Noting

Tweet We are in the heart of college scholarship season when applicants should consider stepping up their research to find what they need for the 2010-11 academic year. Though scholarship


Top College Scholarship Programs Serving America

Tweet Our college scholarship focus sometimes is on very specific awards for students pursuing a particular degree of study, but we realize that emphasis leaves out the majority of our


Business School Scholarships and Grants For Students

Tweet Business schools offer degrees in Business Administration, with degrees conferred at the bachelors and masters levels. These types of school offer instruction in such topics accounting, administration, finance, information


10 Google Apps For College Students

Tweet By now, you know that Google rules the world. Or at least it sometimes seems that way. Google Buzz Last week, Google Buzz was launched, an alternative of sorts

Campus News

College Board Releases Advanced Placement Data

Tweet Quick! Which exam puts the most fear into the hearts of school administrators? If you answered the SAT or ACT you wouldn’t be too far off the mark as

Study Tips

15 Creative Writing Topic Ideas

Tweet Taking a creative writing class can help you develop your composition skills, a talent much needed in the working world. Despite micro-blogging, text messaging, and various short message service