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5 Colleges That Have Shut Down in Recent Years

Small colleges are under siege with many simply unable to compete in a global educational market. Online learning has opened educational possibilities for students that did not exist a generation ago and many smaller colleges just are not able to adjust to the new paradigm.

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Hebrew College to Relocate its Campus

Tweet Newton Centre, Massachusetts based Hebrew College will be selling its campus in a bid to satisfy creditors and start anew. The Jewish educational institution, founded in 1921, has occupied

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College Sports Quick Takes

Tweet Hot times on and off campus. We’re in the middle of what is turning out to be an extraordinarily hot summer and the farthest thing from the average student’s

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Dana College Announces Pending Closure

Tweet 126-year-old institution prepares to close. Tough financial times have been taking its toll on students and their parents, but a number of colleges and universities are feeling the heat