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Personal Advice

8 Gift Ideas for High School Grads

Tweet High school graduation is in full swing with millions of students across the country set to close one chapter of their lives in preparation for embarking on a new

Career Planning

The Art of Editing

Tweet A film maker can have a tight script, beautiful cinematography and moving performances, but the true quality of the final output is sometimes decided in the cutting room. A

Collegiate Sports NCAA Football

How the College Playoff System Impacts the Bowls

Tweet The dreadful Bowl Championship Series is gone, replaced effective this fall by a four-team playoff system. The new system will most likely do a better job of determining a

Personal Advice

Dorm Basics for College Freshmen Students

Tweet As you get ready to head to college for the first time this fall, you will be crafting a list of things to bring with you. Dorm living provides


5 Colleges That Have Shut Down in Recent Years

Tweet Small colleges are under siege with many simply unable to compete in a global educational market. Online learning has opened educational possibilities for students that did not exist a

Campus News

Low-Skilled Jobs and the College Graduate

Tweet What college grads should keep in mind in 2014 and beyond. As tassels are being turned on mortarboards across the nation this spring, many college students are finding that

College Training

How to Find a Great Internship

Tweet It’s no secret that a higher education can increase the odds that you will find a better job. Overall, college graduates tend to earn more in their lifetime than those who


How to Make the Most of Your Summer College Class

Tweet Most of your friends will be working this summer or spending a lot of time at the beach, the lake or taking advantage of other leisurely pursuits. You, on


5 Reasons Why College Students Should Study Abroad

Tweet Get the most out of college by studying abroad. When you are ready for college, you can either study abroad or you can opt for a local university. You

College Living

What Changes Students Will Face While Attending College

Tweet Your academic pursuits represent the cornerstone of what college will mean to you. Though very important, academics isn’t the only thing that will shape your college experience — you

Education Tips

Make a College Internship Work For You

Tweet You have landed a college internship, a summer opportunity that will be over before you know it. The best thing about this job is that it will give you

Personal Advice

Graduation: You Are Almost There!

Tweet Get set to finish college in a flurry. Your college graduation is closing in with just one more test to take and then you are home free. When the