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How to Get Your Children Involved in Sports

Playing sports is an opportunity for children to grow in many different areas of their lives.

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Boston College Faithful to Pay Big Bucks for Fenway Notre Dame Game

Tweet Boston College and the University of Notre Dame are no strangers when it comes to college football. The large Roman Catholic universities first played in 1975, a game won

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NJIT Basketball Plays Like Champs

Tweet You say that you have never heard of the NJIT Highlanders? Likely, that means that you are not much of a men’s college basketball fan. Indeed, the Highlanders made

Campus News Collegiate Sports NCAA Basketball

Mens’ Basketball Postseason Tournaments: Beyond the NCAA

Tweet College basketball is big business for men’s and women’s teams alike. While the women may participate in the NCAA or NIT during the postseason, the men have two additional

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Why Sports Are Important for Students

Tweet School sports are a major part of many middle schools, high schools, and colleges. While some might worry that they take time away from academics, others argue that they

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ACC Releases 2015 Football Schedule

Tweet The Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) may have just wrapped up its last football season, but enthusiasts know that the buzz never quite ends. Come spring, member schools will be

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NCAA Opens a New Chapter in Conference Autonomy

Tweet Conference autonomy has arrived or at least what passes for it. Specifically, the NCAA has allowed the Power 5 conferences — ACC, Big Ten, Big 12, Pac 12 and

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Poll Demonstrates Concern For Collegiate Sports and Academic Balance

Tweet Essentially, Americans believe that schools with a “professional-type sports programs” are putting pressure on other schools to join in. Moreover, people believe that the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA)

Collegiate Sports NCAA Football

Oregon, Ohio State to Close Out the College Football Season

Tweet The first-ever college playoff football championship is set with Oregon and Ohio State registering surprising wins on New Year’s Day. The surprises for both winners were for different reasons

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How to Survive the College Bowl Season

Tweet The fall semester is over, you’re on your way home and beginning tomorrow and lasting almost to mid-January is the college bowl season. The bowl season represents some 35-odd

Collegiate Sports NCAA Football

Its Championship Weekend for College Football!

Tweet With most regular season games concluded, all eyes are on the various conference championships being staged this weekend. The games should not only be immensely entertaining, but they will

Collegiate Sports NCAA Football

5 Surprise Teams This 2014 Season

Tweet By now, you probably realize that Mississippi and Ole Miss are performing better than expected this college football season. Sure, Ole Miss now has two losses on the season,