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7 Secret Discounts for College Students

After spending thousands of dollars on tuition, fees, and books, college students may have little money left for other things. But there is an advantage to having limited funds: numerous retailers offer college students discounts, including deep price breaks, in a bid to win new business.

Campus News

What If Your Student Loans Survive You?

Tweet Debt that may outlast you. Here’s a thought: you complete your college education and enter the workforce with student loan debt exceeding $50,000. You figure that by the time

Personal Advice

Should You Work While In School?

Tweet Students who don’t have to work while enrolled in college are in an enviable position as they can concentrate on their academic pursuits without distraction. In this economy not

Study Tips

Is Cheating Really A Big Deal?

Tweet College students cheat, they always have and they always will. At least that is the thinking for some people including students who regularly cheat and professors who routinely look

Career Planning

Thank You Letter Fundamentals For Job Seekers

Tweet What is the most important writing assignment for college seniors these days? If you answered “term paper” that is a good answer, but there just may be a much