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Book Reviews

Book Review: The Best 373 Colleges

Tweet There are sure things that take place every August and I’m not talking about students heading off to college. Rather, The Princeton Review faithfully releases an update of its

College Training

5 Flight Attendant Training Schools

Tweet Specialized training for prospective cabin crewmembers If you’re looking to start a career in flying, then a college degree isn’t necessary to become a flight attendant. Certainly, you can

Book Reviews

Book Review: Barron’s Best Buys in College Education

Tweet Friends of ours are in a panic because they have one year to go before the oldest of their three children heads off to college. He is a gifted

Collegiate Sports NCAA Football

5 Opening Week College Football Yawners!

Tweet One thing will be definitely different this year with the college football season: no games will be played in August. The month of August has in recent years become

Study Tips

The 10 Best iPhone Apps for the College Campus

Tweet By Anna Miller There’s no doubt that the first prize for the largest number of apps being developed goes to the iPhone – this brilliant gadget from Apple has

Book Reviews

Book Review: Women Astronomers: Reaching For The Stars

Tweet Some girls do not show much interest in science and math, which is too bad considering how well women have done in these fields down through the years. Though

Campus News

College Email Systems: What Works Best?

Tweet By Jesse Bray There once was a time when the email server provided by a college or university to its faculty and students was considered to be a major

Campus News

What If Your Student Loans Survive You?

Tweet Debt that may outlast you. Here’s a thought: you complete your college education and enter the workforce with student loan debt exceeding $50,000. You figure that by the time

Book Reviews

Book Review: How George Washington Fleeced The Nation

Tweet History as you may not know it! History is something we have learned, usually from educators as well as from our leaders, parents, family members and friends. What we

Collegiate Sports NCAA Football

10 Surefire College Football 2010 Happenings

Tweet Kickoff set for Labor Day weekend In about two weeks the first college football games will get underway, officially launching the 2010 season. Over the next four months or

Book Reviews

Book Review: Community College Companion

Tweet “Everything You Wanted to Know About Succeeding in a Two-Year School” Two-year schools, sometimes called junior colleges, technical schools and most commonly community colleges, are an important part of

Book Reviews

Book Review: Debt-Free U

Tweet Tackling the college cost conundrum A UMass senior believes families are needlessly taking on too much debt in hopes of giving their adult children a head start in life.