Thank You Letter Fundamentals For Job Seekers


What is the most important writing assignment for college seniors these days? If you answered “term paper” that is a good answer, but there just may be a much briefer document which could have far-reaching consequences for job seekers especially if handled incorrectly. And that would be your thank you note.

college studentThank you notes may seem old, even antiquated to some people, but they still get results. Especially when one is thoughtfully crafted and quickly sent off following an important job interview.

Say, Thank You

Yes, if you expect to finish up your schooling in the coming months, then your thoughts are already turning toward landing your first job, the start of what you hope will become an illustrious career.

But that career needs to be given every advantage possible to ensure a good start which is where your thank you letter comes in.

According to The Wall Street Journal, your thank you letter (or note) should contain several elements. You will want to thank the interviewer for their time, while perhaps expounding on some points you brought up in the interview or even raising another achievement which might be taken as a potential contribution to the organization.

Most certainly, let the hospital know that besides your budding nursing skills that you are a technological maven, someone who knows her way around the latest software programs and can troubleshoot whatever problem arises. You may not have much hands-on experience with patients, but you can demonstrate that you do not need to be brought up to speed on nursing software. Think “value added” when it comes to sharing what you can bring to the table.

Methods of Writing

So, how will you write your letter? Should you write it or type it? Is sending it by means of email acceptable or should you use snail mail? Is it ever right to send your thank you letter via overnight express?

Ask these questions to a roomful of executives and you will likely get a roomful of differing answers. But on one thing they all agree: you should write thank you notes to everyone who has interviewed you and understand the essentials of what goes in each note or letter. To that end, we can recommend your perusing the Quint Careers website to review some excellent samples of thank you letters.

In this job market you need every advantage possible. Do not neglect writing thank you notes and sending these off to the appropriate parties. For that you will need their business cards so make sure when you exit the building that those cards are within your possession.


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