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University of Phoenix Owners Must Pay Damages

Tweet No sooner had I posted the article yesterday about the University of Phoenix, did I see a news story stating that the owner of the school, the Apollo Group Inc. had fraudulently misled investors. A federal court ordered the group to repay shareholders about $280 million in

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Is the University of Phoenix a Rip Off?

Tweet With more than 400,000 actively enrolled students, the State University of New York is the nation’s largest university system, beating out California State University by a few thousand students.

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Illinois Students Attend School Virtually

Tweet Not every student has to get up early in the morning, throw on a pair of jeans, stop by Dunkin Donuts for a cup of joe and a sausage

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Commercial Colleges: Buyer Beware?

Tweet The American capitalist system is a tremendous example of a financial engine which has raised the standard of living for citizens, particularly over the past two or three generations.