Tips for Succeeding in Your College Intro To Theology Class

Tips for Succeeding in Your College Intro To Theology Class
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    When in college, taking a course like theology is not something to be taken lightly.

    This course will challenge your very core beliefs and your mind to see other worldviews outside of your own.


It will engage you in ways that require you to look inward and ask the most radical questions as to why you believe what you believe. Prepare to study hard and think outside of the box, as this course will show you ways to see the world from multiple traditions and ways of thought outside your own.

The only tips for succeeding in your college Intro to Theology class that you should know are to study hard and keep an open perspective.

Belief Is Not Always in Line With Truth

One of the hardest things to understand for students first studying theology is that belief doesn’t always account for everything. Growing up in strong faith households may be a different matter, but in the realm of theology, there is always a larger scope of thought.

Theology Class Is Not the Source of All Theology

Your professor may be a scholar of whichever seminary they attended and may have honors and certificates to go with their ordination, but that does not mean they are the end all, be all of spiritual truth.

They may intend to sway your belief, but remember that they are coming from their own belief system and organized religion and way of thought. So be aware of that before getting too deeply involved in certain matters.

Faith and Scripture Have Always Been at War

Not everything that you read will always line up with what you find in scriptural religious texts. And not everything that you hear will always match what you’ve previously learned, so it is up to the student to discern where they stand regarding their own worldview and what they determine to be the truth.

This is also when having a reference Bible comes in as a great study aid.

Allow the Intellectual Challenge of Theology To Mature You

As you go along in your theological journey, you might notice that your worldview has changed, but do not be alarmed. This happens to most students who study theology.

Some become grounded in their faith, and others become lost for a while only to find themselves later. This is all a part of the process.

Make Sure To Have Support Among Your Peers

When you’re studying a subject so rich and deeply rooted in people’s personal identities of who they are and what they believe, make sure to form bonds with people. Form a group of people that you can trust while you’re going through this process so that you can bounce ideas off one another until everyone individually comes to their own understanding of where they are spiritually.

You will have many trials and successes while studying theology so try not to take everything so hard. This is a difficult class because it challenges your core beliefs and your identity. So, the tips for succeeding in your college Intro to Theology class are quite simple. Just relax and take it all in and learn as much as you can, and you will succeed.

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