Last Minute Tips for Summer Internships

Last Minute Tips for Summer Internships
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    Most colleges and universities have let out for the summer.

    That means students are already engaged in the pursuits they had planned for the season.


Even so, there may be some students that are still trying to find work, especially an internship that can help them with their educational and career pursuits. Here is how to find the internship opportunity that has eluded you so far this summer.

1. Contact alumni. Do you know some people that have already graduated from your school? If so, the alumni network is a great place to look. You can also find alumni online, particularly through LinkedIn. Ask your contacts for a referral if their company is not hiring and request that they spread the news about your interest. The more people that know about your need, the better.

2. Ask a neighbor. The people where you live may have an opportunity at their place of business that is waiting to be filled. If so, you will not know it unless you ask. Canvass your neighbor to find out if an opening exists. Just as you would do with alumni, ask your neighbors for referrals. Spread beyond the area where you live too — your online contacts, high school friends and your relatives can provide connections that prove invaluable.

3. Cold call. If alumni and neighbors have not proved helpful, you have another option: cold calling. In cold calling, you identify businesses where you would like to work and contact the Human Resources department to explain your desire. You may have to get past a receptionist first, so practice a short pitch that mentions your name, your college and your desire to obtain a position for the summer. Show enthusiasm and do not give up!

4. Business associations. Sometimes the best way to get the word out is to get that word in front of one or more influential people. This can be done if you contact your local Chamber of Commerce, Business Networking International or other business alliance. Explain to the point person what you are looking for and ask that they get the word out. This may be done quickly if the group has a daily email update or a blog where your news can travel and do so fast. Consider each contact made as a person that can help you later on too. As in finding a second internship opportunity or to help launch your career after college.

5. Back to school. You left campus and are back at home. However, did you think about asking your school for a referral? Colleges operate career centers to help students find work including internships. Some positions are unpaid, but provide students with an opportunity to learn much in a small amount of time. Contact your college and be prepared to return to the area if a local job opens up. Be open to traveling across the country, too, if the right opportunity emerges.

Another Option

With doors shut and positions filled, you may wonder if your internship window has closed. It may have. Still, there is another option that can work for you: working remotely.

When working remotely, you serve the needs of an individual or a company by doing work from home. This can include: writing articles, uploading photos to the Internet, monitoring search engines, fielding phone calls, responding to customer inquiries, you name it. Essentially, you will create your own internship opportunity and serve one or more customers directly. It may not be a direct internship, but it can provide much valuable work experience, what students everywhere need.

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