College Scholarships? Free Money, Indeed!


An important, but often overlooked part of the college financial aid process are scholarships, those awards made by corporations, civic groups, churches, unions, private individuals, and foundations. woman studentBillions of dollars of scholarship money is awarded annually, monies that never have to be repaid by the student.

Sure, some restrictions are in place when applying for scholarships and the rules vary from benefactor to benefactor, but for students needing a hand in paying for their higher education, scholarships should not be overlooked.

What You Should Know About College Scholarships

Who can apply for a college scholarship? Just about anyone. Basic requirements are that you are a high school grad (or soon will be) and that you are planning to attend a school of higher learning. Some scholarships are specific to the type of schooling you will receive (e.g., engineering) while others are open to certain under served ethnic groups, high achieving students, children of union members, etc. Scholarship benefactors set their own requirements are given fairly wide latitude on whom they can help.

When should I apply for a scholarship? You can apply year ’round for some scholarships while other scholarships have an application period for when you can apply. Check with each benefactor to learn their requirements and follow those instructions carefully to avoid be disqualified.

How many scholarships can I apply for? As many as you qualify for and have time to apply to. Some awards cover full tuition, others partial, while still others offer a set amount of money — for example, $1,000 — for the student. Guidance counselors will often urge their students to apply for several scholarships to increase the odds of acceptance and the chances of receiving the maximum amount of money.

Where can I find out more information? Follow the links as shown below to find the information you need.

But I’m Already In College

Though you’re already taking classes, you can apply for scholarships now.  Some scholarships are awarded for just one academic year, meaning you’ll have to reapply or seek other funding sources to cover your tuition. Of course, the best scholarships are those which cover tuition, room and board, and your books for four years, but that leaves thousands of smaller scholarships you can still apply for.

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