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How to Successfully Obtain The Scholarship of Your Dreams

Tweet Concentrate on your special skills Take your time and consider your strong and weak points. What do people like about you the most? Have you got any experience or


How to Help Your Kids Save for College Early On

Tweet Some will take out loans, but you may want to reduce your child’s student loan debt early on. By encouraging regular savings at an early age, you can accomplish


A Summary of College Financial Aid Information

Tweet The beauty about all financial aid is that unlike a student loan, financial aid is not repaid at a later date. In the same vein, it is important to


US College Scholarship Programs

The United States is considered one of the most preferred destinations for students looking for internationally recognized certification. The US is home to some of the world’s largest and most reputable colleges and universities and this has served as a key attraction for both local and international students.

College Planning

HS College Planning Tip: week of Jan 18

The US Department of Education’s FAFSA form will be required for all Federal Aid Programs and many scholarships. It is used by colleges to determine your financial aid eligibility.

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On Campus Jobs: What’s Available

Tweet You’ve been thinking about supplementing your studies with a part-time job, but you aren’t keen on the idea of leaving campus and schlepping across town to wait on customers

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7 Steps To College Financial Aid

Tweet Applying for financial aid should be something that every student does, no matter what their family’s ability to pay for college might be. Even affluent families can find shelling


8 Ways To Pay For Your College Education

Tweet College costs are increasing at a speed that is just over twice the rate of inflation, meaning that annual tuition costs are rising at about 8-10% per year. For

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College Scholarships? Free Money, Indeed!

Tweet An important, but often overlooked part of the college financial aid process are scholarships, those awards made by corporations, civic groups, churches, unions, private individuals, and foundations. Billions of

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High School Senior: Future College Freshman

Tweet College Countdown — One Year Left! High school seniors are returning to school this year with mixed feelings: on the one hand they’ll really enjoy being at the top